Attachment Styles Quiz: What’s Your Relationship Attachment Style?

Updated: Feb. 23, 2023

Your relationship attachment style can reveal a lot about your past and what you're experiencing in love right now. Take this relationship attachment style quiz to help pinpoint the bonding pattern that describes you most.

How do you feel when your partner doesn’t text you back right away? Or if a casual summer fling wants to take the relationship to the next level? Where does your mind go if your spouse is working on a big project and spending more time at the office? Can you communicate those feelings to them?

While the answer to these questions may be: Well, it depends, our general patterns of behaviors, thoughts, and responses to others’ actions can offer insight into our own personal attachment style. According to this psychological theory, the ways we tend to behave in relationships run deep, influenced by—and often mimicking—the bonds we had with our parents or primary caregivers as children. But recognizing your attachment style is a powerful way to influence healthier relationships as it can help you proactively address problematic patterns, says Tracy Vadakumchery, LMHC, a psychotherapist licensed in New York and Florida.

Based on common behaviors behind the four attachment styles—secure, anxious-ambivalent, insecure-avoidant, and disorganized—this short quiz can help you understand how you approach and navigate romantic relationships. (And armed with this awareness, learn more about what your attachment style means.)

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Quiz: What’s Your Attachment Style?

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