Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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15 5-Second Strategies for Shutting Down Stress ASAP

You know that stressed-out feeling all too well—your heart races, your breath becomes shallow, your mind starts spinning. Luckily, these...

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14 Magic Phrases to Instantly Calm Your Anxiety

Mental health experts reveal how to calm anxiety and feel in control with phrases to repeat when you're overwhelmed with...

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Why It Feels So Good to Look in Your Dog’s Eyes

When it comes to your dog, cat, or other pets, animal experts reveal how a mutual eye gaze enhances the...

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: The Rare Mental Health Problem Behind the Gypsy Rose Case

Based on a true story, the Hulu show "The Act"—starring Patricia Arquette—is shining a light on an unusual form of...

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The 17 Best Graduation Quotes You’ll Want to Memorize

Get inspired by these graduation quotes from speeches by Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Amy Poehler, Neil Gaiman, and more.

14 Things Therapists Need You to Know About Suicide

Just because someone seems fine, it doesn't mean that they are. Here are some things you should know about suicide,...

How to Set Boundaries to Protect Your Mental Health

Psychotherapists explain how to set boundaries with other people to empower yourself, improve your relationships, and protect your mental...

8 Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder You Might Not Know

Are your emotional highs and lows and changes in energy the result of a more serious mental illness? Here are...

16 Things We’re All Looking Forward to Once Social Distancing Ends

Real-people share stories about what they're most looking forward to doing after self-quarantine restrictions finally let up.

Coloring Books for Adults: 9 Science-Backed Reasons to Pick Up Your Crayons

Coloring books are not just for kids, they can relax the mind and provide stress relief for adults, too....

10 Ways to Reduce Stress That Actually Backfire

Make sure you recover after a stressful day the right way—and think twice about these coping mechanisms.

9 Sneaky Ways to Carve Out More “Me Time” Every Day

You don't need to hit a spa, library, or gym to recharge, you can practice self-care right in your own...

Coronavirus Quarantine: Why Am I So Mentally Exhausted?

Mental health experts explain why you feel mentally exhausted during Covid-19, including stress and anxiety, and offer their tips...

23 Tips for a Truly Restorative, Stress-Free Weekend

Reclaim your weekend with these effortless tips that will keep you fit and happy on your days off.

Quarantine FOMO Is Real—Here’s How to Overcome It

If your friends' Instagram feeds have you feeling like you're missing out, use these psychologist-approved tips for finding peace of...

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10 Herbs That Can Help Ease Stress

Stress presses in from all sides, but you can help manage it by exploring the world of natural herbal remedies.

This 16-Second Trick Can Help You Stop a Panic Attack

People in the military and police officers practice tactical breathing to use under extremely stressful situations. You can use it...

How to Keep Loneliness and Isolation from Harming Your Health

Social distancing is slowing Covid-19's spread but the enforced solitude may raise other risks.

10 Ways to Conquer Worry

From gratitude journals to simple meditation, follow these tips to alleviate worrying and ease stress in your life.

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The Science Behind Emotional Support Animals and Whether They Work

Emotional support animals allegedly help some people with mental health conditions, like anxiety, cope, but do they really work?

10 Ways to Stay Human During Covid-19 Quarantine

Experts weigh in on how to stay healthy, safe, smart, and human during the Covid-19 pandemic while social distancing.

When—and How—to Talk About Mental Illness On The Job

Experts explain how to talk about mental illness at work with your boss and when it's a good time...

10 Short Rituals You Can Do Every Day to Boost Your Mental Health

It could take just seconds to start feeling calmer, happier, and healthier. Here's what to do to boost your mental...

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Why You Should Stop Using Stress and Anxiety Interchangeably

Our mental health experts explain why stress and anxiety aren't the same thing, and why it matters

Why Talking to Yourself Is Actually a Good Thing

Talking to yourself is pretty common. Here's how it can be a good thing.

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How 14 Wellness Experts Cope With Coronavirus-Related Stress and Anxiety

Check the news only twice a day, call your family, and... make your bed? Here are all the ways experts...

How to Avoid Emotional Eating Due to Coronavirus Stress

Cynthia Sass, registered dietitian, shares her five-step strategy for avoiding emotional eating, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.