Mind and Memory

Improve your memory and maintain a healthy mind with our carefully curated articles that keep your mind sharp.

Why Forgetting Things Can Actually Make You Smarter

If you feel like a failure for forgetting that office meeting, read this.

Being an Older Mom Could Boost Your Brainpower—Here’s Why

Kiss your biological clock goodbye! There’s now even more reason to have kids later in life.

This Is the Best Time to Exercise to Improve Your Memory, According to Science

Cramming for a big exam, or memorizing a Powerpoint for that important board presentation? Take a quick study break and hit the

If You Want to Learn a New Language, Do THIS During Your Lesson

Turns out breaking a sweat might help you learn a little faster.

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28 Amazing Facts About Your Brain That Will Blow Your Mind

The brain is one of the most astonishing and intricate parts of the human body. Here are some strangely interesting...

14 Survival Mnemonics That Could Save You From Big Trouble

If only all of life's emergencies came with a mnemonic device. Fortunately, these—from heart attack signs to how to save...

You Can Train Your Brain to Have Superhuman Memory

What’s the difference between 
your brain and the brain of someone who can remember hundreds of words OR numbers? Just...

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The Scientific Reason You Forget the Most Random of Things

If you've ever drawn a blank—like your neighbor's name, your grandmother's hometown, or that actress from your favorite movie—then you're...

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10 Healthy Habits That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp

From exercise to sleep to healthy eating, the choices you make every day can help prevent dementia and keep your...

There’s a Shocking (and Scary) Link Between Driving and Your Mental Health, According to Science

You might want to reconsider your long work commute after reading this.

Getting a Healthy Brain Could Be as Easy as Eating These 8 Herbs

Most herbs and spices have medicinal benefits, and a handful are thought to boost brain health. Aim to get more...

This Is the Real Reason You’re Right- or Left-Brained—and It Has Nothing to Do with Creativity

And no, righties don't have an advantage (unless it comes to holding scissors).

Parents, Your Teen’s Junk Food Habit Could Have Some Scary, Long-Term Effects—Here’s Why

Teens should heed some nutritional advice and swap out the junk food for healthy fats instead—or else risk some permanent...

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Why a Little Forgetfulness Is Actually a Good Thing

A little memory lapse may actually be a sign that your brain is working. Here's what you need to know

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Your Brain Has a “Delete” Button—and Using It Couldn’t Be Easier

Hint: It's all in your head... No expensive gadgets needed!

Forget Facial Expressions and Reputation: 3 Surprising Rules to Sharpen Your Trust Instincts

Here are the real factors to focus on to determine the trustworthy people in your life.

Science Just Proved That You Can (and Should!) Doodle All You Want—Here’s Why

With nothing more than pencil and paper, you can make yourself happy (and possibly smarter!) in under three minutes.

Shed Pounds, Get Smarter—Science Proves It

If your memory is starting to slip, it's definitely time to lower the number on your scale. Trust us, it's...

Can’t Concentrate? You’re Probably Not Getting Enough of These 10 Foods

Are there meals that can mend your mind? We asked the experts for real brain foods: Here are the treats...

Is Soda Bad for Your Brain? The Science Is Seriously Scary

Before you pop open another can of cola, wrap your mind around this.

5 Brain-Boosting Foods That Will Make You Smarter

You are what you eat, as the saying goes. And if you add these foods to your diet, your brain...

The Science Is In! This Diet Lets You Eat Your Way to a Younger, Healthier Brain

You already know that you are what you eat, but your food choices can have an even bigger effect on...

Forgetting Something? Pair These Calming Activities to Boost Memory

Can't find your keys lately? New research suggests that listening to music might help. Here's what you need to know.

Memory Loss Patients Find Joy in Nursing Ailing Kittens Back to Health

It might be the world’s sweetest collaboration to date.