10 Things All Highly Creative People Do

Updated: Jul. 07, 2017

Are you are an HCP (Highly Creative Person)? All of us are born creative, Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire say in their new book, 'Wired to Create,' but only some of us access our creativity. Here, Kaufman and Gregoire reveal 10 key ways that HCPs are able to tap that spark. How do you match up?


You like to play

You didn’t lose your enthusiasm for play when you grew up. In fact, as an exceptionally creative adult, you still engage in “world play” of some kind, creating make-believe worlds with art or science. Your imaginary worlds led to more creative ideas.


You fall in love with your work

As a bona fide HCP, you have vivid recollections of moments or encounters that the authors call “crystallizing experiences.” They were “like love at first sight,” these are moments when you commit to your creative goal.


You let your mind wander

As a highly creative person, you believe in daydreaming. You ponder. You drift. You’re not zoning out—you’re incubating. When you take mindful breaks, your creative thinking improves.


You need your alone time

Solitude becomes you because you’re forced to reflect, which often leads to self-discovery. Your best ideas can come from listening to yourself.


You’re intuitive

When you tune into your unconscious, you open the way to flashes of insight. They seem to arrive out of nowhere, but a-ha! moments come from a cognitive process that kicks in when your rational mind quiets down.


You seek out new experiences

You get your real-world material from being open. Fresh and unusual experiences move you to think differently, which is key to the creative spirit.


You absorb a lot

Whether you are extroverted or introverted, you’re sensitive. You observe, take in, feel, and process more from your environment. Your sensitivity feeds your creativity.


But you can channel your sensitivity

You’re careful not to let yourself be flooded with sensory information. Through creative work you’ve been able to direct your energy and emotions.


You’ve used your failures to open new doors

Adversity has its advantages. You’ve been able to create meaning out of your suffering, and your creativity has been piqued by this psychological growth.


You think differently

You’ve had a hard time accepting convention. In fact, you reject it. But by breaking from tradition, you’ve created new patterns, asked new questions, and sought new answers. You take risks, and this makes you a Highly Creative Person.

Make Yourself More Creative

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