The 5 Best Supplements To Fight Dementia and Preserve Your Brain, From a Doctor of Regenerative Medicine

Updated: Oct. 10, 2023

It's possible you've never heard of these brain supplements, but a doctor specializing in longevity says they're smart to have on your radar.

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Human life expectancy increased by six years between 2000 and 2019, according to World Health Organization data. But along with a longer life have come increases in cases of neurodegenerative diseases. Just as one example, 2022 research published in Translational Neurodegeneration demonstrated that the number of dementia diagnoses is on trajectory to rise from 2000’s 13.5 million to 21.2 million by 2025.

Thankfully, a healthy lifestyle, potentially including the right nutritional supplements, can help prevent Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia and neurodegenerative disease. Of course, you should always talk with your own licensed healthcare provider before you begin any new diet, medication, lifestyle change, or supplement. However, as a longevity and regenerative medicine doctor, these are my top five most-recommended supplements that support brain health the best.

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Best supplements for brain health

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Plasmalogens are molecules that are essential for proper brain function, as they are mainly responsible for neurotransmitter release and cell communication. Low plasmalogen levels are associated with brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Plasmalogen supplements can help protect from degenerative brain diseases, as well as optimize the health of your heart, lung, kidney and eyes.

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Exogenous ketones

Exogenous ketones improve brain health by enhancing the production and function of the mitochondria. By producing more healthy cells, exogenous ketones improve energy, reduce inflammation and increase longevity by increasing the number of healthy cells in the body.

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Essentially, spermidine supplements help improve the process through which the body gets rid of old or damaged cells. Spermidine supplements can have a variety of benefits, such as improving memory and learning, reducing inflammation and protecting the brain from neurodegenerative diseases.

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Urolithin A
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Urolithin A

Urolithin A is a natural compound that is produced in the gut after you consume certain foods. Urolithin can improve brain health by promoting important cellular processes that prevent damage and improve brain blood barrier function. Urolithin A supplements could potentially help improve memory and cognitive function in conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

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Mitoq (Coq10)
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MitoQ (Coq10)

MitoQ is a supplement that contains a natural compound coenzyme Q10, which is important for energy production in cells. MitoQ targets and improves the function of the mitochondria in cells and may help protect against age-related cognitive decline and improve brain health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain.

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