Candace Headshot7   Candace Nelson

Candace Nelson, MS, CN

location-pin Minneapolis, Minnesota

School: University of New England

Expertise: As a licensed nutritionist with a master’s degree in nutrition, Candace specializes in writing about the connection between food and disease prevention, wellness, longevity, and caring for chronic conditions.

Candace Nelson, MS, CN

  • Candace is a certified nutritionist with a Master of Science degree in nutrition.
  • She is a health condition management and prevention content writer for The Mayo Clinic, where she developed the “What Mayo Clinic Experts Wish You Knew” series.
  • Candace also worked as a content strategist, editorial director, and copywriter for the health insurance company Premera Blue Cross.


Candace is an award-winning journalist who’s worked in digital media since 2005. After a decade of covering breaking news, she became a licensed nutritionist with a Master’s degree in nutrition to focus exclusively on health, nutrition, and wellness journalism. Candace now works as a writer for the Mayo Clinic and contributes to GoodRx, The Healthy, Insider, Medical News Today, and other outlets, specializing in preventing health conditions through food and lifestyle


University of New England, MS, Applied Nutrition: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention