Russ Greenfield, MD

Russell H. Greenfield, MD

Integrative Medicine / Integrative Oncology
Russell H. Greenfield, MD, (Russ) is the medical director of Integrative Medicine for a large health care system headquartered in North Carolina. Dr. Greenfield completed residency training in Emergency Medicine at Harbor / UCLA Medical Center as well as a Chief Resident Fellowship at the same institution. After moving to Charlotte, he became involved in the Emergency Medicine residency program at Carolinas Medical Center and was subsequently honored as the inaugural recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching. Russ was one of the first four physicians to graduate from the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona College of Medicine in 1999. Dr. Greenfield was founding medical director of Carolinas Integrative Health, a freestanding center, at the time owned and operated by the Carolinas HealthCare System, and a consultant in the development of U.S. national model guidelines for the use of complementary and alternative therapies. He has worked with a variety of organizations promoting integrative wellness initiatives, including Harris Teeter supermarkets, the Veterans Health Administration, Levine Cancer Institute, and Wake Forest Baptist Health. He is coauthor of Healthy Child, Whole Child (2001), named Best Parenting Guide 2001 by the editors at Amazon, and editor of Dr. Andrew Weil's book Mind Over Meds (2017). He has also consulted with the National Basketball Player's Association (NBPA).

Visit his website: Be Well.

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