The Hidden Danger of Dry Shampoo You Need to Be Worried About

Updated: Feb. 25, 2021

You might not want to skip that shower for the third day this week.

Dry-ShampooMaryna Pleshkun/ShutterstockDry shampoo has been around for a while, but it recently started popping up on every girl’s bathroom shelf again. It’s a dream come true product for anyone who doesn’t have the time to shower and wash their hair every day (because who cares how you smell as long as your hair doesn’t look greasy, right?). However convenient it may be though, using it daily could be causing a lot of damage to your hair. So make sure you read this before you skip the shampoo and conditioner for the fourth day in a row. (These are some of the other worst things you can do for your hair.)

Oil and dirt build up at the roots of your hair every day, so the natural solution is to use a dry shampoo in between washes, which is meant to absorb that oil and make your hair look fresh, dry, and full. But, it’s actually not helping your hair to remove the buildup of oil and dirt—the dry shampoo only smothers it. In order for your hair to stay healthy, the impurities need to be removed from your scalp through a proper wash so that the hair follicle can breathe. (Know these clear signs that you need to start taking a hair vitamin.)

Not only does dry shampoo clog the hair follicle, but it also absorbs the natural oils that your scalp needs to be healthy. The oil should be removed with water and soap to remain healthy, not masked with dry shampoo.

If you continue to use dry shampoo regularly for a long time, the build-up will become so bad that it could cause hair loss and stunted growth. You’ll start to notice that your hair doesn’t have the same healthy bounce or nice shine that it used to. And while being bald is actually scientifically proven to make you more attractive, we suggest that you hop in the shower more often to give your hair the cleaning it deserves.