Greasy Hair? 8 Easy Ways to Make Oily Hair Look Gorgeous

Updated: Feb. 10, 2017

No one should feel stuck with limp, greasy locks when these beauty tricks can help you rock healthy, shine hair every day.


Shampoo less often

Although we’ve all been told that shampoo is the key to removing oil buildup, it turns out that shampooing every day actually isn’t good for an oily scalp. We know it’s counterintuitive, but a great way to improve the look of naturally oily hair is to shampoo less often. This is because shampoo often irritates your scalp and strips it of natural oils, causing your scalp to produce more sebum in response. As a result, the more your shampoo, the more your scalp is going to compensate by ramping up oil. Try reducing the number of times you shampoo to just two or three times per week—at a moderate temperature—for incredible results. Also make sure you’re using the best shampoo for your hair type.


Use the right brush

You may not realize it, but your hairbrush could easily be one of the main culprits behind your greasy hair. It’s very easy for dust and hair products like oil or mousse to build up on the bristles, and very few people take the time to thoroughly clean or replace their brushes, which leaves them pretty disgusting. That’s why if you have oily hair, you’re better off using a widely spaced, nylon bristle brush rather than one with densely packed bristles, which will only smooth and distribute your scalp’s natural oils, Dove Hair curl expert Cynthia Alvarez told the Huffington Post. These beauty tools will make your life easier.


Don’t touch your hair throughout the day

Touching your hair can be completely subconscious; You might do it when you’re bored, flirting, or focusing—all without even realizing it. However, it’s important to break this bad habit if you want to improve the look of oily hair. By playing with or pushing back your hair throughout the day, you’re directly transferring the oils from your hands to your locks. Use these tips to get healthier, more attractive hair.


Hide your oil with a sneaky hairstyle

Some days, it seems like no amount of wetting or washing your hair can remove the grease from your head. When this is the case, your best bet is to strategically style it. You can hide your roots (where oil is most visible) by pulling your hair up into a messy bun or ponytail. Another great option is to curl it, since the closer your hair lies to your head, the more oil it will come into contact with. In other words, curls give your hair more volume, which prevents your strands from becoming too oily.


Get a deep clean

When your efforts at removing oil buildup with regular shampoo aren’t enough, it may be time for a deep cleansing treatment. Many salons offer a luxurious conditioning treatment to transform your hair from an oily mess to completely shine-free and clean. Professional Kérastase treatments are hugely popular and produce great results, or you can invest in a good clarifying shampoo to give yourself a deep clean at home once a month. Check out the secrets your hairstylist won’t tell you.


Use dry shampoo—in moderation

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver when you’re trying to shampoo your hair less often but need to sop up oil in the meantime. Some powerful products like the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo are so effective at soaking up grease, maintaining texture, and adding volume that you can go a full week without needing a real shampoo, according to InStyle. The key is to strike the right balance with its usage. You don’t want to get too dependent on dry shampoo that you become unhygienic, but it’s definitely helpful to incorporate it into your routine at least a few days a week. Here are things you probably don’t know about using dry shampoo.


Avoid moisturizing products

This point seems pretty obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. If you are prone to naturally oily hair, it’s never wise to use moisturizing shampoo, products designed for lackluster hair, or extra thick conditioners. You’ll also want to avoid using hair oils anywhere near your roots (stick to your ends), heavy mousses, and hairspray at your roots. No matter how great they may smell, all of these products have particles that cling to your individual strands, making them look much heavier and greasier. The best shampoo for oily hair would be an anti-residue, purifying shampoo, and conditioner set. And always follow these commandments for using hair conditioner.


Improve your diet

Finally, when it comes to improving the look of greasy hair, it’s totally possible to heal yourself from the inside out. Your diet enormously impacts the look of your hair, from how fast it grows to how healthy or brittle it is, and, of course, to how much oil it produces. By following a low-carb and low-sugar diet, you will see improvement in your oily hair in no time. Fried foods, in particular, are the first things that need to be cut out of your life if you want to get back to gorgeous, oil-free hair.