Cold and Flu

Do you have a cold, flu or something in between? Learn about flu and cold symptoms, medicine and remedies to get back in top shape in no time.

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A Hypochondriac’s Guide of What Not to Do During Flu Season

It's important to learn the best tips for keeping healthy and avoiding the flu.

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How to Flu-Proof Your Home This Season

Keep your family healthy this season with these simple steps.

6 Answers to Common Cold Questions

Is it a cold or the flu? Will visiting the gym make you worse? Are you blowing your nose the...

How Bad Is It to Reuse a Tissue?

We all do it. But will sneezing in your hankie or tissue over and over derail your recovery?

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Cold & Flu: How to Avoid Getting Sick this Season

It's important to take steps now to help protect yourself from colds and flu.

7 Rules for How to Call in Sick to Work

Feeling feverish but have a looming deadline? Here are questions to ask yourself about whether to call in sick or...

10 Foods That Could Make Your Cold or Flu Worse

We know the foods that make a cold or flu better—like a steaming bowl of chicken soup, or a mug...

How to Choose the Best Humidifier for Your Space

Humidifiers are amazing for combatting cold-weather symptoms, but they're not all created equal. Here's what you need to know to...

Here’s Why You Really Need to Wash Your Hands

Your mom was right—handwashing can prevent the common cold, diarrhea, and even serious diseases.

Things You’re Touching Every Day That Might Make You Sick

Grab some soap and brace yourself; here are the 10 germiest places you've probably already touched today.

8 Things Your Mucus Says About Your Health

Mucus protects our body by trapping bacteria and particles. The color and texture of your mucus can give clues about...

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When to Worry About a Cough That Won’t Go Away

Is that lingering cough simply annoying or the sign of something much worse? Here's how to tell if it's time...

Can’t Stop Hacking? 8 Reasons You Can’t Get Rid of Your Winter Cough

It could just be a bad cold that you need to stick out or it could be something worse.

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Chronic Nasal Congestion: 7 Reasons You Always Feel Stuffed Up

Because you deserve to breathe easy again—find out why you're suffering from chronic nasal congestion.

Secret Beauty Tips to Look Good Even When You’re Sick

Getting sick during flu and cold season is a given, but looking sick doesn't have to be. Here are beauty...

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9 Home Remedies for Getting Rid of a Stuffy Nose

These all-natural cures may provide relief from the pressure and pain of stuffy nose.

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6 Clear Signs You’re Getting Sick

Got any of these telltale symptoms of a cold or flu? Get ready to call in sick.

6 Clear Symptoms of the Flu You Shouldn’t Ignore

You definitely feel sick. It hurts to swallow, your head is pounding—but is it a cold or the dreaded flu?...

11 Silent Signs of Mono You Shouldn’t Ignore

The virus responsible for infectious mononucleosis (commonly known as mono) affects about 90 percent of the population worldwide, and most...

Avoid a Summer Cold: 6 Tricks to Stay Healthy

Summer colds last longer, and often feel make you feel worse than the colds you get in winter. Here, a...

12 Flu “Myths” That Are Actually True

The flu can survive longer on door handles than you realize, sneeze droplets can fly, and some folks actually need...

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10 Things You Need to Clean After Coronavirus or the Flu

The flu and coronavirus can last on surfaces longer than you'd think—here's what you need to disinfect to prevent sickness...

11 Things You Should Do at the First Sign of Flu

How you take care of yourself when flu symptoms start can make a difference in how long the symptoms of...

10 Signs Your Flu Might Be Deadly

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 80,000 people died from the flu in the 2017-2018 flu season....

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Where Does the Flu “Go” When It’s Not Flu Season?

When flu season is looming, experts recommend a flu shot—but why does a virus have a season? Here's what the...

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10 Natural Flu Remedies Besides Chicken Noodle Soup

Flu season can knock anyone out of commission. Using these natural and home remedies may help you get better quicker.

14 Feel-Better Foods to Eat When You Have a Cold

Do you know which foods amp up your protection against colds and flu the most? We asked top nutrition...

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7 Times You May Think You Have the Flu—but Don’t

When those nasty symptoms set in, they might signal the flu—or something else entirely. Here's how to tell the difference.