Reverse Diabetes: The Grocery Checklist

Updated: Sep. 20, 2022

Use this Reverse Diabetes Grocery Checklist to set yourself up for success with healthy (and delicious!) additions to your kitchen.

Eating a balanced, healthy diet chock full of the healthy foods to manage diabetes is crucial to keeping your blood sugar in check. This Reverse Diabetes Grocery Checklist, which accompanies the new edition of the Reader’s Digest Reverse Diabetes book, helps you make sure your cupboard and fridge are full of everything you need to take on the Reverse Diabetes 12-Week Challenge.

Use this checklist while planning your meals each week and make grocery shopping a breeze. Skip the sweets and snacks and line your shelves with these recommendations, so you’ll be ready to grab some healthy—and delicious!—options, any time.


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Complete the worksheet, and come back and read: