Sign Us Up: There’s Now a ‘Napercise’ Gym Class

Updated: May 07, 2021

Consider this your excuse to skip your workout for a snooze.

01-sign-us-up-theresn-now-napcercise-gym-classCourtesy David Lloyd Clubs

Most of the time, crawling into PJs sounds way more appealing than jumping into gym clothes for a sweat session. One gym is giving the people what they want: a nap class.

No tricking you into a major workout here—the Napercise class is just what it sounds like. An hour-long session from UK-based David Lloyds Clubs promises to give you a solid 45 minutes of restorative sleep.

02-sign-us-up-theresn-now-napcercise-gym-classCourtesy David Lloyd Clubs

The gym doesn’t just roll out cots and expect you to conk right out in a room full of strangers. Not only does each participant get a bed and sleep mask, but 15 minutes of the class are devoted to tension-releasing stretching. Plus, atmospheric sounds create a relaxing environment to help you drift off (find more songs proven to help you fall asleep), and the room is at the ideal temperature for calorie-burning sleep, according to its website. Sounds way more relaxing than a bedroom with screaming kids in the next room.

03-sign-us-up-theresn-now-napcercise-gym-classCourtesy David Lloyd Clubs

No, you won’t burn major calories like at your usual fitness class, but the benefits of napping are nothing to scoff at. Napercise is aimed at sleep-deprived parents, but the physical and mental perks could help just about anyone. Studies show naps can improve your memory, boost your mood, and sharpen your thinking, according to a review in the Journal of Sleep Research. Another French study found that a half-hour nap could ease stress and boost immune systems of sleep-deprived people.

04-sign-us-up-theresn-now-napcercise-gym-classCourtesy David Lloyd Clubs

Unfortunately for Americans, Napercise is a trial in just one of the fitness center’s London locations for now. Until more gyms pick up on the trend, we’ll be sneaking in our own midday naps. And no, we will not feel one bit lazy.

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