7 Essential Oils That’ll Amp Up Your Energy Levels

Updated: Sep. 20, 2017

Essential oils go far beyond just smelling great—they can actually help brighten your day, your mood, and energize your life. We rounded up expert-approved essential oils for energy to get your day going on the right foot, no caffeine required.

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Peppermint oil

Using peppermint essential oils for energy instead of reaching for a giant cup of afternoon coffee is one way to cut back on caffeine while still adding a little zest to your normal afternoon slump. “For a quick pick me up in the afternoon or after a workout, turning to peppermint oil can help replace that extra cup of coffee,” explains Ryan Neinstein, MD, of NYC Surgical Associates. One published study even found that the scent of peppermint oil had the ability to work against the stressing effects of oxytocin in mothers.

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Sweet orange oil

“Citrus oils like orange offer a fresh, sweet aroma straight from the peel,” shares Dr. Neinstein. “The energy-boosting scent delivers a number of health benefits.” (Some credit sweet orange oil with being an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and an antiseptic. Try combining it with peppermint oil and water for an energizing room spray. Want to wind it down instead? Try these 7 essential oils to improve your sleep.

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Lemon oil

This aromatic probably won’t surprise you thanks to the bevvy of soaps, lotions, and even cleaning products that are lemon-scented. Dr. Neinstein suggests lemon essential oils as an easy additive to everything from bath water to diffusers to add a little pep in your step. Experts also suggest lemon oil to help alleviate allergy symptoms.



This is one of the most surprising additions to our list, because most people associate lavender with sleep, but it’s a great energizer, according to Dr. Neinstein and other experts thanks to the mood-enhancing benefits of this familiar scent. One study by the Medical University of Vienna, Austria even found that lavender essential oil had the power to improve the moods of dental patients, which is the biggest testimonial we can think of. Check out these other great uses for lavender.

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Balsam fir

You can add a drop or two of balsam fir oil to a running bath, a room spray, or a candle to get the fresh perfect Christmas tree scent that seems to magically energize those who inhale. “It is an amazing grounding oil,” says Constandinos Shizas, a holistic chiropractor. “When people feel grounded they feel less stressed there for providing more energy.”

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Rosemary oil

“If you really want to get going, rosemary oil is amazing to get your day fired up,” shares Dr. Shizas. “Not in a coffee way, but more in an energized and focused way.” Feeling anxious? Try these 7 essential oils that are known to ease anxiety.

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Cinnamon oil

It’s warm, spicy, and aromatic but also gives you just the right zip of energy when you need it most. Cinnamon is a popular addition to coffee for this reason as well, and is so energizing it’s even known to enhance your metabolism and stabilize blood sugar when ingested.