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New Year’s Challenge: 31 Days to Build the Healthiest You

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What are your self-care priorities for this year? Maybe you have weight loss goals, or you want to improve your sleep hygiene, or maybe you just need to start drinking more water. But what’s the first step? Whatever you want to accomplish, the easiest way to start making progress is by taking it a day at a time. We’ve broken down the essentials to this one-month challenge so you can start holistically improving your health day by day with challenges for movement, nutrition, mental wellness, sleep and more. Check out The Healthy @Reader’s Digest’s 31-Day Health & Wellness Challenge below, and dive into more health and wellness wisdom for each week’s focuses.

Week One

Your journey begins with a little hydration education, because not drinking enough water can affect everything from your energy levels to your appetite. Flow through the week with gentle mobility exercises and stress-relief stretches, enrich your body and your relationships, and learn about the link between exercise and brain health.

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Week Two

We start week two with conquering our Sunday Scaries, then move into overall mental health improvement by taking steps to cut down on our smart phone time. Make time for a cozy night in, and then finish off the week with a buddy workout primed for maximum motivation.

Week Three

You’ve probably heard the words “brain food,” but have you ever tried to make it? We share a brain boosting recipe from pro chef Alton Brown, then stretch you to your limits with yoga moves targeted for your gut health. Learn about how to hydrate beyond basic water, and the best trick to fall asleep—no melatonin needed. Give your relationships a little gratitude, then peek inside your fridge to make sure your diet isn’t sabotaging your heart health. We wrap up week three by trying something new!

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Week Four

Yes, how you nap really can be important for your overall health. We give you the sleep secrets you need for the best possible siesta to prepare for some bone-strengthening yoga, then take a serious look at your sugar cravings. Explore the herbs that can ease your stress, give your memory a workout, and then scrub up on best practices in the gym—from proper hygiene to common exercise errors. We end our last full week of the challenge by learning all about the bountiful nutrition benefits of our favorite breakfast.

Week Five

In the homestretch of our 31-day challenge, learn the health benefits of giving back this year. Then, learn how lemon water can do everything from aiding digestion to preventing kidney stones. We end the month with insight to how crucial a regular walking habit can be, and set you up for success for the months and years to come.