11 Health Perks You Didn’t Know You Can Get for Free

Updated: Feb. 21, 2023

Depending on what type of care you're looking for, there are a lot of treatments you can get for free. Here's how to save money on health care, today!

Equipment in a doctors office

Free health services in every community

If you can’t afford a health plan and don’t qualify for coverage (either through Medicaid or otherwise), you can still get low-cost healthcare at a nearby community health center. Try the government’s Health Resources and Services Administration’s site. How much you’ll be asked to pay will depend on your income. Health services provided by community health centers include prenatal care, child vaccinations, general primary care, and referrals for specialized care. This is exactly how much healthcare costs in every state.

Close-up Of Doctor Measuring Patients Blood Pressure With Stethoscope

Free blood pressure screenings

Based on American Heart Association estimates, nearly half of our country (46 percent of American adults) suffers from high blood pressure. Luckily, you can get blood pressure screenings free of charge at many pharmacies around the country—and we’re not talking about those free-standing machines where you do it yourself and hope for the best. You’ll be screened by an actual person who’s qualified to read your blood pressure and explain the results.

Dermatologist examines a birthmark of patient, close up
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Free skin cancer screenings

According to the American Cancer Society, about 91,000 people were diagnosed with some form of melanoma in 2018. Because early detection saves lives, the American Academy of Dermatology offers free skin cancer screenings at locations around the country as part of its “SPOTme” program. In addition, please be sure to examine your own skin on a regular basis. If you see anything, you can make an appointment at one of the participating SPOTme centers. Here are the warning signs you need to watch out for.

Male dentist and female patient in a dentist office. Taking a closer look

Free dental care

If cost is keeping you from cleanings and care, check out the free and low-cost dental care programs in every state. The programs include checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, caps, dentures, braces, fillings, dental implants, and extractions. You can learn more from FreeDentalCare.us.

Woman Standing In Front Of Mammography Machine
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Free mammograms

While there’s some controversy about the effectiveness of mammograms, they can help to reduce breast cancer-related deaths in women ages 40 to 74, and especially over age 50 according to the National Cancer Institute. The National Breast Cancer Foundation partners with medical facilities across the country to provide free mammograms and follow-up treatment for those in need.

Vaginal Smear. Close up.
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Free pap tests

Cervical cancer can be deadly, but far fewer people are dying from it nowadays. This reduction coincides with widespread cervical cancer screening, which can identify pre-cancerous cells before they have a chance to become cancer. The CDC’s National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program provides breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic services to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured women across the United States. Find out some secrets that’ll help lower your medical bills.

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Free HIV testing

As with many conditions, early detection can be critical to successful HIV treatment. The American Healthcare Foundation offers free, walk-in HIV testing at all of these clinics. You can also find free HIV testing through Greater Than AIDS.

Doctor In Consultation With Depressed Female Patient
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Free mental health services

If you’re worried about your mental wellness, you can start by taking this diagnostic test. You can then use the results to have an informed discussion with your mental health provider. If you think you can’t afford a mental health provider, you can dial 211 in most municipal areas to find out about counseling and other mental health resources available in your community. Check out this guide to more free and affordable mental health resources.

Female pharmacist holding medicine bottle giving advice to customer in chemist shop or pharmacy
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Free advice on medication

Your pharmacist can provide insight about whatever prescription drugs you may be taking, including potential interactions with other prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications as well. Here are the other reasons you should seek health advice from your pharmacist.

Nutritionists are health care plan for the patient.
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Free nutritional counseling

Medicare and most insurance plans have waived all patient responsibility—no copay/no deductibles for nutrition counseling, according to Medicare.com. Are you making use of these free services? Medicare claims that very few Medicare beneficiaries who are eligible are taking advantage of this benefit. Find out these secrets your health insurance company might be keeping from you.

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Free prescription drugs

Prescription drugs can cost a small fortune, but some stores, including Publix, offer free generic versions of certain prescription drugs, including antibiotics, allergy medication, high blood pressure medication, and diabetes medication. Be sure to ask your pharmacist if a drug you’re taking might be available in a free, generic form. Next, check out more super-helpful free things online you never knew existed.