11 Dr. Ruth Quotes to Boost Your Sex Life, Confidence, and Bold Thinking

Updated: Feb. 09, 2017

America’s most beloved sex-pert—and Holocaust survivor, former Israeli sniper, author of dozens of books, and prolific Tweeter—Dr. Ruth Westheimer shares some bold life lessons along with classic sex advice.

On Teaching

“A lesson taught with humor is a lesson retained.”

On Enjoying Life

“One of my secrets to getting the most from life is that I naturally forget bad things that have happened to me.”

On Spicing Things Up

“Boredom is the biggest problem. The same position. Same day of the week. It becomes boring when you don’t bring any added flowers home.”

On Attraction

“When it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones between the ears.”

On Perseverance

“Our way is not soft grass, it’s a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upward, forward, toward the sun.”

On Being a Good Lover

“Don’t criticize in the sack. Discuss constructively later.”

On Being Sexy

“Eating an ice cream cone ‘provocatively’ in public can send out a message, if you dare.”

On Body Confidence

“Curvy women need to visit a museum. Men have been attracted to those curves forever and still are. They can’t help it and that helps you.”

On Sticking Up For Yourself

“Ladies you sold 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies as a kid and now you can’t sell your man on wearing a condom. Come on.”

On Finding a Partner

“Be involved! Go to concerts, performances, lectures– events of interest. Women have to take the risk of being the one to start a relationship, to say to a man ‘would you like to go for a coffee.’ If the answer is ‘no,’ go on to the next one.”

On the Best Timing for Loving

“Engage in sex in the morning, when the testosterone level is highest and after a good night sleep for her. Have a little breakfast, hang the phone off the hook, go back into bed.”

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