9 Luxurious Bed Pillows to Get the Best Sleep Ever

Updated: Feb. 16, 2017

Don't take your beauty sleep lightly. Thanks to any of these pillows, sweet slumber is as good as yours, no matter what your sleep challenges are.

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Best pillow for music lovers

A new smart pillow, ZEEQ streams music, stops you from snoring, and also helps you sleep smarter. It uses vibration to stop the snoring without waking you, and you can even connect to your own music to plan your playlist for the night. ZEEQ also monitors your sleep patterns to help you improve your sleep. Find out how the right sheets can also affect your sleep.

Best classic down pillow

The Hästens Pillow is made from the very best pure goose down, with all pure, premium quality, and natural materials. Hästens down pillows breathe and provide the best insulation for an all-natural environment. Studies by the brand reveal that no matter how breathable your bed is, the wrong pillow will stifle its ability to circulate air around the body. Did you know that your feet can also mess up your sleep?

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The celeb favorite

With celebrity fans including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Olivia Munn, and Bruno Mars, The NIGHT Pillow™ is a multi-tasker that provides a great night’s sleep along with health and beauty benefits. This pillow is made with oxygenated memory foam so it’s fluffy and soft, and it adjusts to accommodate every sleep position. “The NIGHT pillow is designed first-and-foremost to provide you with a superior sleep experience,” says Kalle Simpson, NIGHT’s resident sleep expert and co-founder, “And, the health benefits of obtaining quality sleep are endless. Weight management, brain power, mental health, libido—all have direct relationship with sleep.” Sounds almost like a magic pill(ow). Here are some signs it’s time to update your pillow.

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Best pillow for side sleepers

The snuggL was designed specifically for side-sleepers, pregnant women, and those who have lower back pain. Founded by a father-son duo, Dr. Carl Cricco and his son created the snuggL to help alleviate Dr. Cricco’s lower back pain. “I had an idea to make a single unit, full-body pillow with consistent density to support the head while also being able to wrap your legs around it, creating the ideal sleep posture,” shares Dr. Cricco. The result is a unique and oversized L-shaped pillow that perfectly aligns the hips, pelvis, and spine, reducing lower back pain. Read on for more tips for ending lower back pain.

The best pillow for snorers

The Restore™ Pillow uses an ergonomic design to help reduce snoring while perfectly supporting the neck. “The ergonomic, patent-pending Restore™ Pillow provides natural neck and spine alignment,” says Roger Sramek, inventor and Level Sleep Co-Founder and author of Your Sleep: Wake Up Refreshed. “Its ergonomic support center enables the sleeper’s head to recline at the proper angle when sleeping on his or her back, opening up airways and reducing snoring.” This pillow is even adjustable, which helps sleepers position the pillow at the perfect angle reducing pressure on the face and ears. Find out the silent signs of sleep apnea.

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The best acne-busting pillow

The Shhh Silk Single Silk-Filled Pillow is for people who are seeking true beauty sleep. This uber-luxurious pillow uses super soft natural fiber which provide the ultimate in softness, support, hygiene, and comfort. It comes in both Queen and King sizes. “Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold,” says Olivia Carr, CEO & founder, Shhh Silk. “This is incredibly important when we spend an average of 3,000 hours per year sleeping on our pillow. Silk is a great choice for allergy suffers and individuals who have acne, as sleeping on silk reduces bacteria growth.”


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The best organic pillow

If you want a healthy, organic alternative, The Right Pillow is a great choice. “The Right Pillow’s patented design allows the sleeper, in any position, to customize the support to their individual needs,” shares co-founder, Lacy Larson. “That means that if you are a side sleeper who needs more support under your shoulder and chest, you can fit The Right Pillow to support you exactly where you need it. Move the organic fill, remove some, add it back. Sleep is personal, and we believe that a pillow should fit you, not ask you to fit it.”

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The best pillow for back sleepers

If you’re recovering from surgery or enjoy sleeping on your back, the Recovery Pillow is for you. “Our pillow has both preventative and recovery benefits,” says founders Carolyn Gang and Marion Garfield. “It comfortably promotes back sleeping and a face-up sleep position to help prevent facial pressure crease wrinkles. It supports recovery from various surgeries and procedures that require back sleeping as desirable for recuperation i.e.: plastic and orthopedic, sport and age related injuries, cataract, cardiac, and body enhancements.”

The best oversized pillow

The Beautyrest® Diamond Luxe™ Oversized Queen Pillow combines AirCool® Memory Foam with micro-diamond technology to help you experience energizing sleep. The ventilated memory foam works to contour to the body and enhances airflow and the oversize shapes work with both Queen and King pillowcases. Its specific design works to deliver superior head and neck support. Here are some more ways to get a better night’s sleep.