10 Amazing Cosmetic Transformations You Have to See to Believe

Updated: Feb. 10, 2023

Ever wondered what a plastic surgery could do for you? Meet 10 people who reveal what amazing cosmetic transformations have done for them.

Courtesy RealSelf and-Dr. Michael Elam

Brow Lift

When seeking the best eyebrows for your face shape or yearning to appear younger, a brow lift might be the perfect procedure for you. “Brow lifts help rejuvenate the upper face and forehead. When done correctly, the procedure helps make the patient appear more awake and vibrant without an unnatural surprised look. The forehead skin is smoother and the brows sit in a more youthful position. The procedure can be combined with a skin resurfacing procedure such as laser or chemical peel to help with pigmentation and fine wrinkles,” says plastic surgeon and RealSelf contributor, David Shafer, MD.

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Lisa Airan


Never heard of it? Here are more plastic surgery procedures you didn’t know existed. Kybella is an injectable treatment that helps to reduce fat under the chin. Yes, with this procedure you will be able to take the perfect selfie, the first time, every single time. Dr. Shafer says that it “helps reduce double chin or submental fullness. It is an in-office procedure with a few injections under the chin which help melt the fat. The procedure does require several treatments over several months, but it’s great for patients who do not want to go to the operating room for procedures such as neck liposuction or do not have time for the recovery of a surgical procedure. You can see from the after picture a nice cervical-mental angle with a defined jawline and natural contour to the neck.

In this patient’s case, three different procedures were done and spaced one month apart, and the fat has been completely removed from under her chin for a completely dramatic transformation that every woman strives for.

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich

Lower face-lift

Looking younger is as easy as adopting these 50 everyday habits that can shed years. But if you’re seeking a transformation that targets the lower half of your face, it’s actually possible to hone in on that area without doing a complete face-lift! “Lower face-lift is an excellent procedure for rejuvenation of the neck, jawline, and cheek area. The incisions can be hidden around the ears and the skin gently tightened. The cervical mental angle is improved with a nice jawline and natural neck curve. Additionally, as seen in the after picture, the lines around the mouth and jowls can be improved without the old-fashion “pulled” look,” Dr. Shafer says.

This patient was concerned with her loss of neck contours, and jowls, so the lower face-lift was performed with much success. Not only did she leave the procedure looking and feeling great, but she appears to have turned back time and walked away from the procedure with much less skin under her chin and neck.

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Eric Joseph

Ear pinning

The ear pinning procedure is often done in children whose ears stick out, but can be done in adulthood as well. Eric Joseph, MD, says that these photos “demonstrate otoplasty (or ear surgery) for correction of prominent, outstanding ears. Our patient is just over two months following suture-otoplasty using sutures in both of her ears.” You can see from both the front and the back just how dramatic her transformation was.

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Daniel Markmann

Abdominal etching

First, if your belly’s flabby because you hate crunches, check out these ways to get better abs without crunches. This procedure is a “variation of liposuction used to create the illusion of six-pack abs. During the procedure, thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits that get suctioned out. Abdominal etching differs from liposuction in that small amounts of fat are left behind in specific areas to imitate muscle fullness,” according to RealSelf.

This 37-year-old male was in great shape, working out regularly, but couldn’t get rid of his love handles or get his six-pack to come through. Daniel Markmann, MD, performed the dramatic transformation using liposuction to enhance his rectus inscriptions, pec muscles, and rib muscles. At the time of follow-up (three months after the procedure), the patient hadn’t even returned to the gym!

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

Eyebrow etching

You can do a lot for your eyebrows with these seven tips. Or you could talk to a plastic surgeon: Also, known as an eyebrow transplant, eyebrow etching works to add grafts of hair to the eyebrows, giving a much fuller look. Jeffrey Epstein, MD, shares that the typical procedure costs about $7,500 and can be an face-changing procedure if done correctly. In this patient’s case, Dr. Epstein added 650 grafts of hair to his patient, resulting in a completely different appearance. And as a little added bonus, you can still have your eyebrows waxed after this procedure is done.

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Joseph Pober


Be sure you know these makeup tricks that can transform your face. But if you want rhinoplasty—more casually referred to as the “nose job”—understand that the procedure that essentially re-shapes your nose. Sometimes it’s done for medical reasons, but most cases are more cosmetic such as to correct bumps, rounded tips, or a crooked nose.

This 28-year-old met with Joseph Pober, MD, who wanted her dorsal nasal hump corrected as well as the tip droop, bulbous tip with excess columellar show and prominent nasal projection. He shared that he “performed an endosanal rhinoplasty to address these changes to the patient’s nose. She recovered quickly with virtually no bruising or pain.”

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Majid Jamali

Chin implant

A chin implant is one of the most popular ways to change or correct the shape of the chin. In this case, you can see that Majid Jamali, MD, corrected the chin using a sliding genioplasty. “The displaced implant was removed and osteotomy performed to give her a much more natural look,” he says. Before you make any final decisions, check out the things plastic surgeons want you to know.

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr.

Buccal fat removal

The buccal fat removal procedure, also known as a cheek reduction is the surgical way to remove the fat pads from the cheek, giving a slimmer look to the face. With this patient, Paul Vitenas, Jr, MD, worked to “eliminate the fatty deposits from the lower cheek to create a more contoured look. She made a huge transformation and definitely won’t need her contour kit anymore!

Courtesy RealSelf and Dr. Ramtin Kassir

Nonsurgical nose job

As an alternate to a surgical nose job, you can opt for this less invasive procedure. Dr. Shafer says that the “non-surgical nose job is ideal for patients with slight asymmetry or lumps or bumps which can be camouflaged by adding dermal filler in the nose. As seen in the ‘after’ picture, this patient’s dorsal hump is nicely hidden by the added filler above and below the ‘hump.’ It is important for patients to understand that non-surgical nose jobs do not make the nose smaller or narrow, but work by adding volume to smooth contours and improve symmetry. Plus, the procedure takes less than 15 minutes.” Just imagine, you could walk out with a new nose within an hour. Here are more procedures you can get done on your lunch hour.