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Face and body care is essential in living a healthy, happy life. Read about caring for your face, stretch marks, cellulite and more.

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Do Silk Pillowcases Have Real Benefits? What Dermatologists Think

It's thought that a silk pillowcase can reduce wrinkles, improve your skin, and benefit your hair. But are they worth the cost? Here's what dermatologists have to say about the benefits of silk pillowcases.

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5 Best Bath Soaks for Better Relaxation

If you're looking for a quick way to relax and unwind, try a bath soak to feel rested and restored....

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These Popular Anti-Aging Products and Serums Are on Sale All Month

Join the anti-Black Friday movement. These dermatologist-approved anti-aging skin care products and serums from Deciem's The Ordinary are on...

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Do Cold Showers Have Health Benefits?

Cold shower benefits can range from soothing itchy skin and improving scalp health. Here's how to take a...

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8 Worst Foods for Skin that Dermatologists Avoid

Dermatologists reveal the foods that cause acne breakouts, trigger rosacea, and other skin conditions and how to achieve...

8 Best Natural Deodorants on Amazon, According to Dermatologists

Looking for a healthier alternative to chemical-laden deodorants and antiperspirants? Here are the best natural deodorant options on...

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12 Best Deodorants and Antiperspirants for Women, According to Dermatologists

Prevent sweat and foul body odor this summer with these dermatologists-recommend deodorants and antiperspirants on Amazon.

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11 Ways to Improve Your Complexion in Just One Day

Dermatologists work miracles when it comes to rehabbing your complexion, so we're stealing their secrets to getting amazing skin STAT.

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9 Beauty Products Dermatologists Wish You’d Stop Wasting Money On

Save your money and skip these expensive beauty products. Dermatologists say alternatives give you better value (and glowing skin).

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The Correct Age to Begin 10 Vital Skin Care Practices

If you wait to address problems only after they show up—think sun damage, age spots, and wrinkles—you're missing out...

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7 Amazing Skin Care Benefits of Sulfur

Sulfur offers many skin benefits, like treating acne and dandruff. This multitasker also has anti-aging and antimicrobial properties.

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6 Easy Ways to Sweat Less in Summer

Here's how to keep your cool, stay dry, and avoid sweat stains—even when it's hot outside.

6 Ways Dermatologists Treat and Prevent Stretch Marks

Dermatologists share how they treat and prevent stretch marks from massages to moisturizers.

9 Healthy Foods That Will Revamp Your Dry Skin—No Moisturizer Needed

Health experts identify the top foods to eat that can act as a dry skin remedy to keep your...

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How Bad Is It to Sleep in Your Makeup?

A dermatologist explains how wearing your makeup to sleep can seem harmless, but it can take a toll on your...

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13 Smart Skin Habits Dermatologists Start Every Spring

Dermatologists reveal how they update their skin care routine to start the spring season, plus spring beauty tips for healthy...

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9 Tips to Keep Your Hands Soft This Winter

Prevent dry, chapped hands with our expert tips for keeping hands healthy and moisturized during the cold winter months.

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10 Healing Facial Oils Your Skin Needs this Fall And Winter

Learn about facial oils and their ability to balance moisture, refine pores, reduce blemishes, and boost radiance, for all skin...

I Tested One of Those Trendy Blackhead-Sucking Face Masks and Here’s What Happened

Viral videos show tar-black masks being slowly peeled back to reveal hundreds of visibly expelled whiteheads and blackheads. But do...

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11 Everyday Habits That Cause Wrinkles (Besides Not Wearing Sunscreen)

Forgetting to slather on SPF is perhaps the biggest sin we commit against our skin, but these seemingly innocent moves...

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9 Signs of Disease That Are Written All Over Your Face

When doctors chat with patients eye to eye, it’s not just about creating rapport. Certain facial traits may reveal vital...

Thinking About Getting a Chemical Peel? Read This First

Chemical peels have been around for a long time for good reason—they work. See how a pro peel could heal...

11 Surprising Reasons Your Skin Gets So Greasy

Sick of dealing with shiny skin no matter how much effort you put into fighting it? Here, we ask dermatologists...

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags, According to a Dermatologist

They seem harmless, but there's a very good reason you shouldn't ignore them.

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10 Scalp Conditions You Definitely Don’t Want to Ignore

Battling bouts of flaky dandruff or—worse—red, scaly irritations on your scalp? Here, we asked top skin and scalp specialists to...

Dry Lips? Blame These 10 Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

Dry, chapped lips can drive us to distraction, but some of the things that we rely on to keep them...

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10 Things You Never Knew About Your Belly Button

When was the last time you gazed at your navel? The belly button deserves more attention thanks to all the...