Face and Body Care

Face and body care is essential in living a healthy, happy life. Read about caring for your face, stretch marks, cellulite and more.

11 Secrets Your Skin Wishes You Knew

These tips for showering, moisturizing, and even eating will help you get the complexion you want.

7 Stretch Mark Home Remedies That Are Worth Trying

A top dermatologist (and new mom herself) shares some at-home tips and tricks for fighting back against those pesky tiger...

12 Things Dermatologists Do in the Winter that You Don’t

Frigid temps and whipping winds may sound like a prescription for itchy, dry, cracked skin. But winter doesn’t have to...

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10 Things You Should Never Put on Your Face

You may be looking for DIY solutions, but applying the wrong item to your face could cause lasting damage.

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8 Things Dermatologists Wish Women Knew About Cellulite

Dimpling on the skin, like on the thighs, is common in women, but before you try an unfounded cellulite...

The Best Way to Wash Your Face, According to Your Skin Type

Turns out that there's a lot more to cleaning your face than just soap and water. We spoke with a...

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9 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter

Skin experts reveal the nine most common showering mistakes in the winter that can actually hurt your skin

9 Reasons Your Skin Hates You

Who knew toothpaste and washcloths could be so infuriating?

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6 Facts That Will Convince You to Throw Out Your Old Makeup—Stat!

The effects of expired makeup may not be worth the risk.

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13 OTC Skin Care Products Dermatologists Love

There's no appointment or co-pay required for these products that work wonders on your skin.

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13 Ways You’re Washing Your Face Wrong

Dermatologists share common face-washing mistakes to avoid, from washing too often to letting products build up, for better skin...

8 Body Parts You MUST Resist Picking, Popping, and Plucking

Seriously, sit on your hands because you’re making it worse.

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8 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong

Dermatologists reveal the most common showering mistakes you might not even know you’re making. Here are smart moves for a...

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The Best Anti-Aging Secrets Dermatologists Won’t Tell You for Free

We asked top skin care experts to share anti-aging secrets they typically won't tell you for free, like how to...

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6 Ways You’re Probably Shaving Your Legs All Wrong

What's the best way to shave your legs? Dermatologists weigh in on how to banish cuts and razor burn when...

10 Golden Beauty Rules for Combination Skin

People with combination skin tend to experience a bit of both worlds–oily in some areas and dry in others. Follow...

The Best Products to Tackle Oily Skin for Good

You can easily give greasy-looking skin a dewy glow—here's what our experts recommend for lasting skin solutions.

7 Reasons You Can Probably Get Away With Showering Less

Two in three Americans shower once a day or more, according to a YouGov poll. Here’s why you might be...

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9 Things Your Body Odor Reveals About Your Health

Body odor can be a sign of more than you simply forgetting to swipe on deodorant.

The Toxic Chemical Lurking in Your Favorite Lipstick

There could be something dangerous in your favorite tube of luscious red lipstick. Here's what you need to know to...

9 Reasons Glycolic Acid Is the Miracle Your Skin Has Been Waiting For

This gentle exfoliator is the holy grail of complexion perfectors.

9 Body Parts That Are Younger Than You Think

Birthday candles may define your real age, but much of your body—from taste buds to bones to eyelashes—is renewing at...

12 Daily Beauty Routines You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Dermatologists reveal minor tweaks to your daily beauty habits that can save you money and time and result in smoother,...

6 Sneaky Reasons Behind Your Body Odor

Sometimes odors can’t be tackled only with soaps and scrubs. Here are a few surprising factors that can give you...

The Skin-Care Rules to Live by for Every Stage of Your Life

What your skin needs in your 20s isn't the same as in your 50s. We talked to experts to find...

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10 Genius Solutions for All of Your Winter Skin-Care Problems

If cracked heels, flaky scalp, and other winter skin problems are bothering you, don't worry—top doctors and experts are revealing...

21 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

This ancient remedy is unbelievably versatile and good for your body—both inside and out!