Face and Body Care

Face and body care is essential in living a healthy, happy life. Read about caring for your face, stretch marks, cellulite and more.

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14 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore

Body odor, from head to toes, can alert doctors to potential health issues—even cancer. Find out what those distinctive smells...

The 37 Worst Pieces of Skin Care Advice Dermatologists Have Ever Heard

When it comes to skincare, (expensive!) myths abound. Here, top dermatologists share how to separate fact from fiction.

27 Tricks for Naturally Glowing Skin (No Makeup or Expensive Products Required!)

Beauty is only skin-deep, but the importance of healthy skin goes a lot deeper. Here are easy ways to let...

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What Are Cholesterol Deposits—and How Can You Remove Them?

They aren't dangerous, but you should always talk to your doctor if you see them.

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9 Reasons You Have Bloodshot Eyes—and How to Fix Them

Red, itchy, inflamed eyes are never easy to deal with. Find out what could be causing discomfort in your eye...

What Causes Night Sweats? 14 Medical Explanations

Could your bed double as a wading pool by morning? Here's what causes night sweats—and when you should see a...

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10 Body Parts You’re Not Washing Enough

It's not enough to haphazardly rub that bar of soap across your body. These are the parts that you should...

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16 Signs Your Face Is Aging Faster Than You Are

Do you look older than the age on your driver's license? The telltale signs may be written all over your...

15 Everyday Habits That Are Wrecking Your Skin

Sure, you wash your face... most of the time. And yet somehow you're battling adult acne, wrinkles, and other skin...

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What Everyone Gets Wrong About Winter Skin Care

Avoid wreaking havoc on your skin in winter by learning about the most common mistakes people make with their winter...

9 Foods That Fight Cellulite—and 4 That Make It Worse

Foods that increase hydration, boost antioxidants, and flush toxins may reduce cellulite. Here's what to eat and what to avoid.

60 Bestselling Drugstore Beauty Products Right Now

The list of the most popular beauty items at CVS from the past year was just released, and we're convinced...

10 Confusing Moisturizer Ingredients, Decoded

Let us clear things up for you.

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12 Reasons You Age Faster in Winter

We often associate winter with dry, flaky and pale skin, but neglect to realize just how the cold weather may...

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10 Natural Face Cleansers You Can Make Yourself

You don't need fancy, pricy products for smoother, prettier skin. Instead, try these simple natural face cleanser recipes from popular...

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The Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type

Masks are everywhere and purport to do everything—hydrate, tighten, brighten, soothe, soften, fade spots, reduce lines, and de-gunk pores, so...

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14 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body in the Winter

Dry, cracked skin in the cold months is fairly common but do you know about snow blindness and winter-related wrinkles?

11 Essential Oils That Will Take Years Off Your Skin

These botanical wonders can help minimize wrinkles, sun spots, and acne, and lock in major moisture, for skin that glows.

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10 Pieces of Anti-Aging Advice You Definitely Should Ignore

There’s a lot of misleading information out there, especially when it comes to fighting signs of aging. Dermatologists suggest you...

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15 Nighttime Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

For a gorgeous glow when you get up in the morning, avoid these bad bedtime skin habits

11 Weird Things That Might Give You Glowing Skin

They're not top of mind when it comes to skin care, but these strange ingredients might promote younger looking skin.

11 Secrets Your Skin Wishes You Knew

These tips for showering, moisturizing, and even eating will help you get the complexion you want.

7 Stretch Mark Home Remedies That Are Worth Trying

A top dermatologist (and new mom herself) shares some at-home tips and tricks for fighting back against those pesky tiger...

12 Things Dermatologists Do in the Winter that You Don’t

Frigid temps and whipping winds may sound like a prescription for itchy, dry, cracked skin. But winter doesn’t have to...

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10 Things You Should Never Put on Your Face

You may be looking for DIY solutions, but applying the wrong item to your face could cause lasting damage.

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8 Things Dermatologists Wish Women Knew About Cellulite

Dimpling on the skin, like on the thighs, is common in women, but before you try an unfounded cellulite...

The Best Way to Wash Your Face, According to Your Skin Type

Turns out that there's a lot more to cleaning your face than just soap and water. We spoke with a...