Your hair may need more TLC than you think. Read up on hair loss, hair growth, tips for maintaining healthy hair, styling tips and more.

7 Essential Tips for People Who Use Heat on Their Hair Every Day

Flat iron addict? Get sleek, shiny hair without damage with these tips from pro stylists and dermatologists.

5 Hair Myths We All Need to Stop Believing (and 3 Surprising Truths)

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Personal Hygiene: What’s Harmful, What’s Helpful

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13 Embarrassing Health Questions and Answers

Question: My feet smell terrible! I’m worried that other people will notice. What can I do? You need to keep

30 Tips for Healthier, More Attractive Hair

Easy, healthy ways to add body, personality, and longevity to your hair.

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Thinning Hair

When it comes to hair loss, there’s more myth than science.

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How Diet Affects Hair and Scalp Health

Baldness and dandruff are among the most pervasive hair and scalp problems. Below you’ll find information on both issues, along

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Help Your Hair Stay Healthy

Who doesn’t want to have luxuriant locks on their head? Here’s what you can do to keep your hair up