We only get one body. Learn how to take care of it the right way.

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20 Obscure Facts You Never Knew About Your Own Body

From the tens of thousands of miles of blood vessels in your body to how far your nose can launch a sneeze, we've got weird body facts you'll love to chat about with friends. Who knew?

Fascinating Things You Had No Idea Your Body Accomplished Today

Travis Stork, MD, of the hit syndicated show 'The Doctors' takes you on a personal guided trip through all the...

9 Quirks You Never Knew About Your Body Temperature

Your body temperature is a critical vital sign, but it’s important to understand what can make it wonky.

17 Body Parts You Didn’t Realize Have Names

What's that ridge above your lips called? Ever hear of an anatomical snuffbox? Learn about those and more.

11 Body Parts You Never Knew You Had

Think you know your body inside and out? Think again.

9 Body Parts as Unique as Your Fingerprint

You’re one in a million (or, uh, 7 billion), and these special characteristics prove it.

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9 Little Body Changes That Could Signal a Bigger Health Problem

It's hard to keep track of every single change that happens to your body, but here are nine of the...

9 Organs You Can Actually Live Without

Your organs serve a purpose, but that doesn't mean your life would end without some of them. Your body can...

You Really DON’T Lose All Your Body Heat Through Your Head—Says Science

Leaving your hat at home could spell trouble, but not for the reason you think.

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7 Strange Body Facts You’ve Always Wondered About

We asked experts for true stories and odd human body facts. What they told us might surprise you.

10 Surprising Things Muscle Spasms Reveal About Your Health

Although occasional muscle spasms are normal, a persistent one can spell trouble. Here's what's going on, and when to seek...

12 Things Your Mother’s Health Says About You

Your mother's body may be an indication of your own future health—here's how, and what you can do about...

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50 Myths About the Human Body That Could Seriously Damage Your Health

Get the facts you need to know to avoid illness, recognize symptoms, and treat common conditions with our medical mythbusters.

This Is Why You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice, According to Science

Good news: You're probably the only one who thinks it's annoying.

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Here’s Why Blood Is Red (Because You’ve Always Wondered)

Despite what Valentine's Day has led us to believe, the heart is a disappointing drab brown. So why is blood...

Ever Wondered Why Women Are Always Colder Than Men? What the Science Says

Ladies, it's not just you; Women ARE naturally colder than men, and there are very specific reasons why.

When Dylan’s Skull Was Crushed in a Car Accident, Doctors Said Recovery Was Hopeless. They Were Wrong.

The human mind has a previously hidden aptitude for recovery. Here is the story of one young man’s journey back...