We only get one body. Learn how to take care of it the right way.

7 Healthy Benefits of Sweating, According to Expert Doctors

Never let 'em see you sweat—or hey, don't sweat it if you do. Doctors told us the Homo sapien's biological air conditioning system delivers some cool advantages.

Ashley Graham Reveals Why She Never Uses the Word “Indulge”

If the supermodel's confidence speaks to you, her inspiration on eating and self-care will be contagious.

New Study: The Smell of Your Hands Could Become Criminal Evidence

While fingerprints and DNA have long been the forensic gold standards for ID-ing a suspect, a new study suggests...

Ashton Kutcher’s Vasculitis: What Caused It, and Can It Be Cured? A Harvard Doctor’s Take

Ashton Kutcher said his blood vessel issue affected his vision, equilibrium, and more.

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What is Oxidative Stress and Should You Worry About It?

We've all heard about antioxidants and free radicals—but the real concern is oxidative stress. Learn what triggers this dangerous condition...

4 Signs You Have a Muscle Imbalance—and How to Fix It

If you're experiencing aches and pains from repetitive movements, you may have a muscle imbalance. Here are the signs...

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11 Best Pieces of Cooling Clothing to Help You Beat the Heat

What should you wear when it's way too hot outside? Stay cool and comfortable on hot summer days with...

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This Is Why Some People Are Ticklish—and Others Aren’t

This is the weird science of tickling, being tickled, why some people are ticklish, and why you can't tickle yourself.

What Really Happens When You Swallow Gum?

You'll be relieved to hear that it doesn't stay in your body for seven years.

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16 Quirky Traits You Didn’t Know You Inherited

Is it nature or nurture? Here are some seemingly random things that aren't random at all—they're inherited traits.

I Almost Died of a Blood Clot at Age 38

An undiagnosed genetic mutation combined with birth control pills created the perfect storm for a limb-threatening deep vein thrombosis...

This Is What Your Brain Looks Like with PTSD

On brain scans, people with PTSD have distinct differences compared to people without it—but not every PTSD brain is the...

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The Scientific Reason You Are (Or Aren’t) a Mosquito Magnet

Constantly swarmed by mosquitoes? Here's why.

15 Inspiring Moments for People with Disabilities in 2019

Here are some of the historic achievements and advances that happened in 2019.

15 Things We Learned About the Human Body in 2019

Despite hundreds of years of research on the human body, there's so much we still don't know about our own...

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19 Old Wives’ Tales You Should Stop Believing By Now

Will you a catch a cold with wet hair? Will your potato salad go bad in the heat? We have...

The Scientific Explanations Behind 25 Quirky Body Reactions

Science unlocks the mysteries behind the strange and obscure things that our bodies do every day.

Burps, Sneezes, and Hiccups: 10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Bodily Functions

Here's to understanding the "why's" behind our more curious bodily functions.

12 Totally Gross (but Normal) Things Your Body Does Every Morning

No matter how clean and well-brushed you are before bedtime, you probably still wake up with these embarrassing but common...

The Serious Health Risks Tall People Need to Know About

If people tend to look up to you, this is health news you'll want to remember—and discuss with your doctor.

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7 Body Parts You’re Not Washing the Right Way

From your scalp to your toes, there are several body parts you've been washing in ways that are inefficient or...

34 Things Your Parents’ Health Reveals About You

Our genes have a huge impact on our health—so paying attention to your mother's and father's wellness can tell you...

8 Strange Ways Your Height May Affect Your Health

Whether you’re a beanpole or a shrimp, your height influences your life in more ways than just fueling childhood nicknames.

13 Common Health Conditions That Affect Men and Women Differently

There are some stark differences in how common health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, affect both men and...

14 Hidden Signs You’re Not As Healthy As You Think

Things like snoring and hair loss may be totally harmless. But if any of these 14 symptoms persist, don't ignore...

9 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries About the Human Body

Despite the fact that we spend our entire lives in them, there's still a whole lot we don't know about...

18 Serious Diseases That Strike Women More Than Men

If you're a woman, you should be aware of your increased risk of these conditions.

16 Bizarre Things That Happen to Your Body After You Die

Your body will morph in some very disgusting ways after you take your final breath. Get a sneak peek of...

15 Incredible Things the Human Body Does Every Minute

You may think the only thing you’ll do in the next 60 seconds is read this article, but there’s a...

11 Ways Your Clothes Could Be Killing You

Did you ever suspect that the sweater you're about to pull over your head could give you a cold, a...

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20 Obscure Facts You Never Knew About Your Own Body

From the tens of thousands of miles of blood vessels in your body to how far your nose can launch...