Read about breast, cervical, colorectal, lung, ovarian, prostate and skin cancer symptoms, myths and survivor stories.

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Millions More People Can Now Benefit from This Anticancer Vaccine

A vaccine originally approved only for younger people could protect millions of older Americans too, research shows. Find out whether...

12 Silent Signs of Skin Cancer You’re Probably Ignoring

Dermatologists reveal the silent signs of skin cancer that are often overlooked, such as a pimple that doesn't go...

Abnormal Mammogram? 7 Questions You Must Ask

If your mammogram results are abnormal, don't panic. Make sure you ask your health care provider these important questions instead.

6 Smart Habits That Can Prevent Lung Cancer

It’s not just about not smoking (although that is key).

Breast Cancer in Men: 8 Subtle Signs and Symptoms

Fewer men get breast cancer than women, but men still need to be aware of it. Here are some of...

10 Diseases That Could Be Cured in Your Lifetime

Each year, there are thousands of fun runs, drives, and fundraisers focused on curing diseases. It's working: We may see...

My “Menopause” Symptoms Turned Out to Be Cervical Cancer

Carol Lacey wasn't worried about her symptoms, but she soon realized how serious they were.

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I Diagnosed My Own Ovarian Cancer—And It Saved My Life

Ovarian cancer symptoms are subtle; women—and their doctors—can easily miss them. This woman knew something was wrong, and her persistence...

What Doctors Haven’t Told You About Prostate Cancer

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime, so it's time to know the facts...

8 Myths About Prostate Cancer All Men Should Know

One out of seven U.S. men reading this will be diagnosed. Learn the facts about prostate health.

Attention, Women: You Might Be Missing This Common Sign of Ovarian Cancer

Only one percent of women know that this is a big red flag.

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9 Prostate Cancer Truths That Might Surprise You

Did you know that not every person with prostate cancer needs treatment? Sometimes "watchful waiting" is enough.

10 Foods That May Help Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

No food can prevent (or cure) breast cancer, but adding these to your diet may help lower your cancer risk.

10 Myths About HPV That Could Damage Your Health

Get the real facts about human papillomavirus (HPV): how HPV is spread, the risks of infection, and the benefits of...

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8 Silent Signs of Cervical Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Cervical cancer can often be prevented with routine Pap smears, HPV vaccinations, and regular gynecological exams. But about 13,000 new...

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7 Cancers that Are Notoriously Tricky to Detect Early

While research has come a long way in detecting various forms of cancer, there are still many that don't...

13 Breast Cancer Myths You Can Safely Ignore

We asked top oncologists the myths they hear the most. Here are the facts about breast cancer.

14 Things Ob-Gyns Desperately Wish You Knew About Ovarian Cancer

The early symptoms of ovarian cancer are easily missed, so getting educated is one of the best things you can...

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7 Silent Signs of Bladder Cancer You Might Be Ignoring

Bladder cancer usually affects more men than women, and it often develops in people over the age of 55. No...

7 Hopeful Cancer Statistics Everyone Should Know

The fight against cancer is far from over, but we've made more progress than you might think.

10 Common Myths About Ovarian Cancer You Need to Ignore

Knowing the truth about this scary cancer can help you protect yourself.

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33 Inspiring Cancer Quotes From Survivors

People who have survived cancer have been through a lot—and they've learned a lot. These cancer quotes may help you...

8 Silent Signs of Testicular Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Testicular cancer afflicts one in 263 men. Knowing the symptoms could save your life.

14 Cancer Warning Signs Your Doctor Should Never Ignore

There are many common symptoms that could be perfectly normal or could be a cause for concern. Here's how to...

7 Scary Cancers You Can Help Prevent Just By Exercising

You know that daily exercise benefits your body and your brain. But another hidden plus of going to the gym:...

7 Surprising Habits That Lead to Prostate Cancer

Getting older raises you risk for developing prostate cancer, and so does being tall. But those risk factors you have...

15 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Likely to Ignore

Many cancer signs mimic symptoms of other diseases or conditions, so it’s easy to brush them aside. All the doctors...

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9 Silent Signs of Liver Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Although liver cancer is rare, your doctor might recommend regular screenings if you’re at high risk.

The One Summer Diet That Can Stop Skin Cancer

It's not a substitute for wearing sunscreen, but this tasty meal plan can help protect you against the sun from...