15 Flu Memes to Make You Laugh When You Want to Cry

Updated: Mar. 11, 2022

But laugh softly, we don't want to trigger a cough attack!

Finding humor in shared misery

Covid-19 has gotten all the viral attention this year but that doesn’t mean that regular influenza has gone away. In fact, flu season is just starting to peak in the northern hemisphere. And the flu can be very serious in its own right. In addition to all the usual flu symptoms (fever, headache, cough, body aches), influenza can also lead to pneumonia, sinus infections, and ear infections.

So what do you do if you end up with a stuffy nose, hacking cough, and a positive flu test? Stay home, keep hydrated, and rest as much as possible. Oh, also: Laugh!

Laughter won’t cure your flu, but it will help you see the humor in our shared human misery and remind you that things will get better. We’ve rounded up some flu memes to make you laugh—but not too hard. We’d hate to trigger a coughing jag!

Putting the “flu” in “inFLUencer”

Influencers drive all kinds of trends—from fashion to games to…diseases? It turns out that some people really are more likely to spread illnesses. Here’s everything you need to know about being a “super spreader” and how not to be one.

Breathing really is an underrated luxury

When you’re in the midst of the flu it can feel like you’ll never be able to breathe (or eat or sleep) normally again. Rest assured, you will. But while you wait, take advantage of the best cold and flu medicines on the market.

Is that even legal?

There’s a big difference between “euthanasia” and “echinacea.” Avoid killing your loved ones and use these natural cold and flu remedies that really work.

It really is like that

Congestion, stuffiness, sinus pain, and nasal drainage are all flu symptoms. And yet why does it seem like the flu never affects both nostrils equally? There’s nothing as frustrating as finally finding a position comfortable enough to sleep in—only to have one nostril decide it’s time to flood while the other one is so dry your throat burns. You can always try these home remedies for a stuffy nose. At least it will help with one nostril!

The man flu

If you’ve ever had a husband or other male family member who won’t stop moaning about a cold, then you know about the “man flu.” However, research suggests that guys who whine about their symptoms might not be exaggerating after all. The “man flu” might really exist, according to one study.

Kicking the flu’s butt

There’s nothing that Chuck Norris can’t take on, apparently. And that applies to tiny viral bad guys as much as bank robbers. Make sure you know these signs your cold could be something more serious.

Give me Google, or give me death!

You may feel like you won’t survive, but for most people, the flu isn’t fatal. Still, there’s nothing like Googling your symptoms in the middle of the night to make you rethink everything. That’s why you should know these signs your flu might be deadly.

Your flu is not the same as my flu

People with underlying conditions or illnesses know they are at a heightened risk of complications from the flu. This can lead to taking some extraordinary (and entertaining) measures for protection, like carrying a can of disinfectant spray like a medieval amulet. Or try one of these 50 ways to avoid catching a virus this season.

The “home alone sick with the flu” starter pack

flu memevia reddit.com

It’s one thing to be sick when others are around to comfort and help you. But people who live alone have to deal with another layer of anxiety. (Here’s how your body responds to the cold or flu.)

Everyone thinks they’re invincible

flu memevia reddit.com

Getting the flu is kind of like delivering a baby (minus the cute, tiny human part). When you’re in the middle of it, it’s the worst thing ever. But the second it’s over you forget the pain. Don’t get careless, make sure you’re avoiding these 30 everyday mistakes that raise your risk of catching a virus.

You laugh now…

flu memevia reddit.com

You’re coughing. Did you: A.) laugh so hard you choked? B.) inhale some spit down the wrong tube? Or C.) catch a virus and now you might die? Here’s how to tell if your cough is really the flu.

When you say you got someone a little something, it better not be a virus

flu memevia reddit.com

‘Tis the season… for sharing germs! Here’s everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the worst flu month of the year.

Facial hair or facial tissue?

flu memevia imgur.com

When you have a mustache, blowing your nose is an entirely different experience. But hey, you always have a hanky handy! (Do you know these 12 flu “myths” that are actually true?)

The flu in 2020 hits different

flu memevia reddit.com

This year feels like virus roulette. Thanks to Covid-19, coming down with “flu-like” symptoms takes on a whole new meaning. Here’s how to tell if your symptoms are Covid or the flu.

Putting the fun in influenza

flu shots memevia imgur.com

When they said get a flu shot, they didn’t mean shots of Jägermeister. And yet when you consider old-time cough syrups used to be a shot of brandy (and maybe cocaine for good measure), it doesn’t seem like the worst idea. (But seriously, get your flu shot—the kind that comes in a syringe! Here’s how to make a flu shot injection hurt less.)