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16 Anxiety Quotes that May Help You Cope a Little Better

These short quotes about anxiety may help you feel better, or at least less alone, with your worries.

Understanding anxiety

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in America, affecting one in five people, with women twice as likely to be diagnosed as men. Yet, even though anxiety is so common, there is still a stigma about talking about it. This may be why only 37 percent of people receive treatment, despite the fact that anxiety disorders are highly treatable.

“Anxiety is like the monster under my bed, but grown-up style. I know it’s lurking but it will still creep up on me out of nowhere,” says Heather Garner, 36, of Olympia, Washington, who has struggled with anxiety since she was in middle school. “My anxiety makes me obsess about things which causes more anxiety and it just snowballs so I always have to be doing something because if I sit idle that’s when my mind starts racing and the anxiety starts to build. I do a lot of knitting and embroidery—I joke and say it’s because I need to stab things.” (Here’s how to deal with anxiety.)

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How to handle anxiety like a pro

Whether you take up needlepoint, yoga or meditation, the key is to find what works—and what doesn’t—for you and your anxiety, says Jonathan Huppert, PhD, professor at the anxiety lab and chair of clinical psychology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“Lots of people recommend it but I personally don’t like doing formal mindfulness. It doesn’t speak to me when I’m anxious,” he says. “Instead, I prefer biking in nature and focusing on my family and work.”

One thing that can be helpful is finding a way to connect with others experiencing similar struggles with anxiety, he says. Check out these anxiety quotes from famous authors, actors, comedians, and musicians, and you may find some that resonate with you.

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

It really does feel like doing something though

The New York Times best-selling author overcame anxiety to write 26 novels, many short stories, and even several Wonder Woman graphic novels (which were apparently a bit autobiographical). (Not sure if your anxiety is clinical? Check out these signs of an anxiety disorder.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

Don’t borrow trouble

This World War II survivor, author, and humanitarian who helped save over 800 Jewish people during the Holocaust, certainly knew a few things about anxiety. Boom also knew how to keep moving forward even through crushing fear. If you’re feeling stressed during this time of year, you’re not alone—autumn anxiety is real; here’s how to deal.

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

This is why we scream on roller coasters

There’s a fine line between a fun risk and a terrifying one and perhaps choosing to be a comedian is how Kreischer walks that line. Or perhaps the immediate terror drowns out the lesser worries? (This is exactly what’s happening in your body when you get an adrenaline rush.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

We’re far more alike than we are different

Many people experience a lot of anxiety around what others think of them. But as Mead—a noted scientist, author, and revolutionary—pointed out, you can let that worry go. (Here’s how to stop caring about what others think of you.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

You could worry or you could not

The comedian makes a good point—both about how to turn anxiety around and how to make friends. (Here are seven healthy fruit juices.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

Growing pains

Change can be scary but it’s necessary for growth. Glassman would know, he’s an MD who became a successful author and speaker. (In the meantime, make sure you’re avoiding these everyday things that be anxiety triggers.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

Make all the mistakes

As a journalist, reporter, and presidential debate moderator, Schieffer not only had the opportunity to make plenty of mistakes but to make them on live TV. He always made a point to laugh and learn and then move on, sharing those lessons with the generation of reporters after him. (Here’s how to tell the difference depression vs. anxiety.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

It’s all ends the same way

It’s like this turn-of-the-century writer saw the present day. Or perhaps humans have always been consumed by anxieties and you’re no different than your anxious ancestors who already know the truth of this quote.

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

There’s very little you truly can control

Gibran is considered one of the foremost philosophers of his time yet he most wanted to be known as a poet and artist. But he proves that anxiety crosses all cultural boundaries. (Here’s how to stop being a control freak.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

Honesty may cause more anxiety in the moment but…

Honesty and openness, especially in the face of fear, is something the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet has been practicing since 1959 when he was forced to flee his country. (Check out these inspirational quotes by the Dalai Lama and other luminaries.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

Please call back and make an appointment

The famous statesman and diplomat faced an incredible number of anxiety-provoking situations with his trademark humor. His calm under pressure helped the nation avoid more crises than we likely know. (Try one of these phrases to instantly calm anxiety.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

Get all your worrying done before bed

The author doesn’t say whether or not you should invite anxiety for a sleepover—as if it needs an invitation for insomnia. Anxiety may get worse at bedtime. (Here’s how to deal with nighttime panic attacks.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

You can only worry about one thing at a time anyhow

The cartoonist is famous for his anxiety-ridden characters, including Charlie Brown, who just can’t seem to catch a break, and Patty, who only wants to be loved. (For more from the bald, yellow-shirted adult in a child’s body, check out depression quotes that actually capture what you’re feeling.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

Sometimes it does feel like that’s what people mean

Nothing causes more anxiety than knowing you’re not living up to your loved ones’ expectations. Musician and songwriter Morissette has been very open about her mental health struggles. (Anxious about leaving the house? Here’s how to get online therapy.)

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

What have you gotten from your anxiety?

This Persian poet may have lived in the 13th century, but his advice is just as relevant today as it was then. Anxiety can be a real issue in many careers. (Here’s when and how to talk about mental illness on the job.

Anxiety Quotes that Will Help You

If you don’t have time to think, you can’t worry

The actor, comedian, and award-winning journalist makes an excellent case for staying busy.

Next, try one of these 5-second strategies to stop anxiety.


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