Oral and Dental Care

No one likes going to the dentist. Learn about how to combat tooth decay and bad breath for healthy gums and good oral hygiene.

7 Foods that Whiten Your Teeth (And 4 to Avoid)

A mouthful of pearly white could be as close as your kitchen. Add these teeth-brightening foods to your diet and...

11 Things Your Orthodontist Won’t Tell You

If you think you can get away with skipping out on wearing your Invisalign without your doc noticing, think again.

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10 Gingivitis Home Remedies That Actually Work

Nearly half of American adults have some form of gum disease. These home remedies may help treat gingivitis, a mild...

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11 Things Your Dentist Needs You to Start Doing Differently

Investing in your smile goes farther than regular brushing and flossing. Here's what your tooth doc wishes you knew.

35 Secrets Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

We asked 22 dentists from across the country to tell us what they're really thinking as they peer at our...

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7 Surprising Home Remedies for Teeth Grinding

Health experts offer surprising home remedies to reduce teeth grinding, and prevent complications like jaw pain.

8 Surprising Foods That Prevent Tooth Decay

Dentists reveal what leads to tooth decay and some surprising foods, such as eggs, that can lead to better...

7 Home Remedies for TMJ Pain

Those with TMJ-related problems can have intense pain, stiffness, and limited jaw movement. There's hope—these home remedies can help.

7 “Healthy” Habits You Didn’t Realize Were Damaging Your Teeth

There's a dark side to healthy habits like drinking spring water, brushing after you eat, and even exercising: They could...

Yellow Teeth Are Actually Stronger Than Bright White Teeth—Here’s Why

Good news: You don't need to spend another cent on teeth whitener.

The Hidden Danger of Using Your Kid’s Toothpaste

Don't get hooked on your kid's toothpaste—there could be consequences for your smile.

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13 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know (But You’re Too Scared to Ask)

Not everyone likes going to the dentist, but educating yourself can make the experience less nerve-racking and more productive.

Yes, Stress Can Make Teeth Fall Out—and It Can Happen to Anyone

If Demi Moore can lose a tooth to stress, you're probably wondering if you can too. The answer may surprise...

Can Activated Charcoal Really Improve Your Skin? Experts Weigh In

Health experts weigh in on whether activated charcoal actually works for clearing pores, treating acne, and whitening teeth

Say Cheese! The Best Foods to Eat for Stronger, Whiter Teeth

A healthy smile doesn't stop with brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups. Add these foods to your diet to naturally brighten...

Is It Really That Bad to Share a Toothbrush?

You know your hands are often filthy, but your mouth is also surprisingly germy, so you may want to think...

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Do You Have Good Dental Etiquette? 11 Do’s and Don’ts

You should mind your manners everywhere, even at the dentist's office. Here are their tips for your next visit.

8 Foods that Will Freshen Your Breath Almost Instantly

Bad breath? Nosh on these double-duty foods to naturally freshen your breath while also boosting your general oral health.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Generally, tooth whitening is safe. But don’t use tooth-whitening bleaches more often than recommended. Research shows that these products wear

3 Surprising Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Your toothbrush isn't the only weapon capable of protecting your teeth -- your diet helps too!