3 Foods to Get Rid of Bloating

Updated: Feb. 08, 2017

Here’s a mean prank from Mother Nature: The healthy foods we eat to stay slim are some of the worst gas producers, but fortunately, there are others to cure bloat.

Foods that Harm: Asparagus

Asparagus and cruciferous vegetables (like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli) contain indigestible sugars that can cause gas. Avoid eating them with fatty foods, which may slow digestion.

Foods That Heal: Spices

Rosemary, bay leaf, and ginger can help break down the
indigestible sugars of cruciferous vegetables and beans. Add while
cooking to reduce gas and bloat.

Foods That Harm: Beans

Legumes’ notorious reputation comes courtesy of those same
indigestible sugars as those found in cruciferous veggies. Cut down on them by soaking dried beans for at
least eight hours before cooking, and by rinsing canned ones.

Foods That Heal: Yogurt

Its live and active cultures help quash gas production by upping the good bacteria in your gut (and there’s no need
to pay more for types labeled probiotic).

Foods That Harm: Bran

Bran’s fiber isn’t digested by the body, so don’t eat too much. If you want to increase your intake, drink lots of water—it helps fiber move through your system.

Foods That Heal: Fennel or chamomile tea

A cup after a high-fiber meal can aid digestion.

Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal

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