Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a serious condition. Learn about the different types of eating disorders, their symptoms, effects and more.

What Is an Almond Mom? The Viral Term, Explained

If you've seen this term floating around social media and other corners of the internet, you're not alone.

5 Common Statements an Eating Recovery Psychologist Says We All Need to Avoid

Dr. Allison Chase, PhD, CEDS-S, is a clinical director of eating recovery who says minding your language about food, exercise,...

How I Conquered Anorexia and Depression—and Learned to Love My Body (and Life)

It took years of hard work and the right treatment, but here's how I was able to recover from

6 Things Parents Say that May Trigger Disordered Eating in Kids

Talking to kids about food and weight can be tricky for many parents. Avoid these common phrases that may trigger...

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Clean Eating and Eating Disorders: What Therapists Need You to Know

Therapists reveal how clean eating can become an unhealthy obsession and potentially lead to eating disorders. Here are their tips...

7 Eating Disorder Symptoms That Have Nothing to Do With Weight

People tend to think of body shape first when they think of eating disorders—but experts say there are numerous...

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8 Silent Signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

This disorder can cause anxiety, shame, and depression. The bright side is that it's treatable.

11 Silent Signs You Could Have an Eating Disorder

An American dies every single hour from an eating disorder-related illness. Knowing these early warning signs could just save a...

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7 Ways Your Body Reacts to a Food Binge

Here's how compulsive eating can wreak havoc on insulin, blood sugar, and brain health, and when to get help for...