Fitness Trends: 9 New Ways You’ll Work Out in 2017

Updated: Feb. 10, 2017

Bored with your current workout? With a fresh take on some old favorites and some emerging technology, 2017 is the year of innovative, fitness industry trends infused with creativity, fun, and excitement, all while helping you reach your fitness goals.


Pop Pilates

If you like Pilates but feel your workout has become less interesting, Pop Pilates group fitness classes might be the right step to recharge your 2017 exercise routine. Developed by YouTube fitness guru Cassey Ho, Pop Pilates blends Pilates, dance, and music for a powerful and effective full-body workout. Using only your body weight, Pop Pilates sculpts and strengthens your muscles in exciting new ways. With well over 3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, Blogilates, Ho provides hours of free exercise content and nutrition advice. With her positive messaging to love your body and find joy in exercise, you’ll see why Pop Pilates is an emerging fitness trend.



Created by professional dancer Juliu Horvath, Gyrotonic combines a series of spiral movements, breath work, and flow to achieve balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility in your body without jarring or compressing joints. Originally called “Yoga for Dancers,” this unique mind-body system continues to be a favorite among celebrities because it delivers the same benefits as yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and Tai Chi—a huge bonus if you’re looking to add some variation to your exercise routine and see some real changes. Since anyone from athletes to senior citizens can practice Gyrotonic, it continues to grow in popularity with over 13,000 instructors in 84 countries.


Krav Maga

If you’re wanting to boost your confidence, learn self-defense, and have a great workout all at the same time, Krav Maga is the type of class you’re looking for. In 1948, Krav Maga was originally adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces as the official method of self-defense. Since then, everyone from law enforcement, military personnel, celebrities, and everyday people have sung its praises. Using a blend of cardio, strength training, and drills, Krav Maga offers students a full-body, fat-torching workout, all while teaching you the skills to fight off an attacker in a realistic scenario (which, hopefully, you’ll never need). Expect to hear more about Krav Maga in 2017, since students of all ages and fitness levels can learn to utilize the various self-defense techniques in a thrilling environment where camaraderie is encouraged. (Learn these kung fu moves for self defense that almost anyone can do.)


Aerial yoga

Looking for alternative workout trends to replace traditional yoga classes? If you have a desire to channel your inner yogi meets acrobat meets gymnast, jump into a silky sling and consider giving gravity-defying aerial yoga a try. For those of you who think hanging from the ceiling seems a little too gimmicky, aerial yoga provides some serious health benefits: There’s next to zero impact on your joints; the cardio involved is similar to brisk walking; and it’s one heck of a core workout. Plus, many classes will end in a zen-like savasana while you’re enveloped in soft fabric, making this a true mind-body experience. Need another reason? Here are amazing things that happen to your body when you start doing yoga.



While boxing isn’t exactly a new fitness trend, it’s seeing a surge in popularity thanks to Instagram videos of supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne in old-school rings boxing their way to a toned body. With a mix of cardio, strength training, upper cuts, and right hooks (just to name a few), boxing provides a full-body workout, relieves stress, and will leave you feeling empowered to take on your hectic day. Can’t make it to the boxing ring? There’s a bevy of boxing workouts online to keep your fitness goals on track.


Workout apps

Do you need a low-cost way to diversify your workouts without going to 10 different gyms or studios? Leading the fitness industry trends for 2017 are workout apps like Sworkit and DailyBurn. These apps allow you to customize your workouts based on time, fitness level, and the type of exercise you want to do from the comforts of your phone. With on-demand training or coaching a finger tap away, workout apps help you add variety and spice up your workout life. Still on the sofa? Read these 11 tips to get motivated to exercise.


Live and on-demand online spin class

One of the most promising workout trends is Peloton indoor cycling. This company leads the charge for live and on-demand fitness classes—so you don’t have to live in a big city to take a class. Peloton offers you a studio-quality, indoor cycling experience without having to leave your home (no more having to reserve a bike for your spin or Soul Cycle session ahead of time). Once you’ve made the (gulp) $2,000 investment to own the exercise bike in your home, Peloton offers wide array of classes to choose from and makes indoor cycling convenient and fun. One special feature of this cycling and technology combo is its ability to connect you with other riders from all over the world for every class, so you’re never alone when you cycle. As the demand for affordable and accessible fitness classes grows, expect to see more companies following suit in 2017.


Barre workouts

From Xtend Barre to Pure Barre, and Pop Physique, barre workouts continue to gather a devoted fan base around the world. And while fitness trends come and go, barre isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Using a blend of ballet, Pilates, yoga, light weights, and body weight exercises, barre workouts sculpt lean muscles, increase strength, and improve flexibility in an uplifting atmosphere. Previously a trend in metropolitan areas, barre studios are popping up in suburbs and small towns all across the country. Don’t have a studio near you? Many barre studios offer online access to prerecorded classes, with live streaming options just a pretzel leg lift behind (one of many effective barre exercises).



With all the emphasis on the physical trends in the fitness industry, let’s not forget about the mental aspects of it as well. More than ever, people are looking for ways to calm their hectic lives and reduce stress through meditation. Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles aims to make meditation easy for anyone from stressed out, busy professionals to those who are seasoned in the practice of mediation. If you can’t find a comfortable studio near you, meditation apps like Headspace and Stop, Breathe & Think can bring peace and tranquility wherever you are. As you experience the positive impact meditation can have on your life, it’s easy to get hooked! Still not sure? Consider the compelling benefits of meditation, according to science.

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