5 Reasons a Morning Workout Can Make Your Whole Day Better

Updated: Jul. 30, 2017

Those friends and co-workers that get their sweat session in pre-office hours are so admirable! So why are you still pressing the snooze button? Need more inspiration to make it to the gym in the early hours of the day? Here's how an a.m. workout makes your entire day better.


You get it done

What gets scheduled, gets done and that’s doubly true in the morning. There are fewer distractions (think: last-minute happy hour invitations, unexpected work crises) so you’re more likely to actually complete your workout if it’s early in the day. “The biggest benefit of a morning workout is that if you do it first, you have made it a priority.” says Mike Deibler MS, owner of San Diego Premier Training. “When it is done first, nothing can get in the way.” Deibler adds that we all have things pop up throughout the day and when we push our workouts off later and later, later eventually becomes tomorrow. Here’s how to trick yourself into become a morning person.


You’ll be happier

Start your day with a morning cardio workout and your endorphin boost will allow you to approach work, your relationships, and even your commute with a better attitude. Your sense of accomplishment from actually completing your morning exercise routine will give you a little more confidence to continue checking off your to-do list at the office and the additional energy will make you more present with your partner after work. Exercise is just one of many morning habits of naturally thin people.


You’ll eat better

Just like a morning gym visit will set your mood for the day, a morning workout will also set your appetite, so you’ll be more likely to reach for Greek yogurt instead of that blueberry muffin on the way to work. Even hours later, at dinner, you won’t want to ‘ruin’ your hard work so dessert might be a little less tempting. “Starting your day with any positive routine almost always leads to another positive habit later in the day,” says Deibler, “You naturally want to keep that feeling going so one healthy meal dramatically increases the chance of another healthy meal or food choice later in the day.” These 30 healthy eating tricks can help you reboot your routine.


You’ll have more time to socialize

How many times have you skipped a noon workout because a co-worker suggested lunch at the newest hot spot or blown off post-work exercise because last minute plans popped up with friends? Sunrise exercise means you can stay healthy and make it to happy hour. Yes, you might need to go home and get to bed earlier so you can wake up in time for tomorrow’s workout, but you didn’t really need that second cocktail anyway. Here are health advantages you’ll have as a morning person.


You’ll sleep better

Your morning energy boost will mean a natural (and perfectly appropriate) decrease in energy throughout the day. This means you’ll fall asleep faster when your head hits the pillow and you’ll even get better quality sleep. Deibler says that exercise increases our core body temperature while our natural circadian rhythms want our core temperature to decrease in order to prepare for sleep. That cooling provides faster and more sound sleep so it makes sense to start the day with exercise. “The other issue with sleep is that exercise may affect melatonin levels,” says Deibler, “We need these to increase to prepare for sleep at night, but exercising later in the day may reduce melatonin levels and can even affect melatonin levels the following night.”

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