I Exercised With an Under-Desk Treadmill—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Updated: Jul. 07, 2022

With a quiet motor and the ability to fold flat, the Goplus SuperFit under-desk treadmill will help you go the distance.

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woman using an Under-Desk TreadmillCourtesy Jill Schildhouse

I spend a lot of time on the road, and when I travel, I’m reminded of how much I enjoy walking. When I’m at home, though, it’s not as easy to get my steps in beyond my jaunts to the fridge or while doing chores. Most of the year, it’s too hot to walk outside in Phoenix (it’s 112 degrees as I write this), or it’s allergy season or it’s rainy season—all things that get in the way of my precious walking time. Because I’m also a master at finding excuses to not walk outdoors, I thought, why not try an under-desk treadmill? I didn’t want a bulky machine to take up precious real estate in my bedroom, so finding a slim, easy to maneuver walking-pad-slash-treadmill was key. The Goplus SuperFit under-desk treadmill checks those boxes and then some. Spoiler alert: it’s the perfect solution for walking more steps per day.

What Is the Goplus SuperFit Under-Desk Treadmill?

The Goplus SuperFit under-desk treadmill is an electric walking pad that folds flat for easy storage. It can be used as an under-desk treadmill in “walking mode,” with the speed never exceeding 3 mph, or as a running treadmill that goes up to 7.5 mph. It comes with a remote control for easy speed selection and a phone holder, which is perfect for conducting Zoom calls or watching videos. There’s also a safety attachment that clips onto your torso. In the event you fall off, it automatically decreases the speed to zero mph. With nearly 6,000 Amazon ratings, shoppers love that this under-desk treadmill folds flat to fit under the bed, couch or in the closet, and that it helps them get their steps in while working from home—rain or shine.

How We Tested It

Unboxing an Under-Desk TreadmillCourtesy Jill Schildhouse

Weighing in at about 70 pounds, I tapped my fiancé to take the lead on pulling our delivery inside and help me unbox it. Luckily, most of the under-desk treadmill’s parts were already assembled, minus the phone holder and armrest handles, which were surprisingly tricky to set up, requiring one of us to hold them in place while the other used an Allen wrench to attach them. Altogether, assembly took 15 minutes. And though you can certainly unbox it yourself, we found that two sets of helping hands made for a more efficient set up.

We immediately noticed that the power cord was on the shorter side and located on the front of the treadmill, which made for an awkward stretch our power outlet, which was behind the machine. We ordered this extension cord to reach our intended outlet and it was ready to power up.

I flipped the power button on the side on machine to the “on” position and got to walking. I controlled speed via the remote control (there are no buttons on the machine itself). Using the remote, I was able to reach a maximum walking speed of 7.5 mph. (The Amazon listing claims it can reach eight mph, but I found this wasn’t the case during my Goplus under-desk treadmill test.)

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As a 5-foot-one individual, I found the length of the under-desk treadmill’s non-slip running belt to satisfy my walking and jogging experiences. My fiancé, who’s 5-foot-six, found he was on the verge of running out of treadmill length for his stride while walking, but this wasn’t a problem when he started jogging.

We noticed the remote is sensitive—one touch on the speed plus sign and we’d quickly jump speeds—but it’s also not as responsive as we liked. (There were some times the treadmill didn’t recognize our attempts to increase or decrease the speed). We did discover that aiming the remote straight down over the sensor seemed to help, but it wasn’t a foolproof fix.

We also found that the armrest handles aren’t totally necessary for walking purposes. Unlike the attached handrail, the armrest handles don’t fold flat with the machine, which makes for tricky storage. If you prefer the extra balance check, it’s best to keep the handrails attached. Otherwise, you can skip the extra assembly time by opting not to use the additional armrest handles.

The Goplus SuperFit under-desk treadmill was quieter than we expected, making this under-desk treadmill a satisfactory piece of small space workout equipment.

Product Features

One of the best features of the Goplus SuperFit under-desk treadmill is the built-in Bluetooth speaker. It pairs with just about any smart phone by turning on the treadmill and waiting for the device to pop up in your Bluetooth settings. (The device was named “Esang Audio” in our list of options, but that naming convention may vary.) Here are more product features to consider:


What I like about the Goplus under-desk treadmill

  • Includes wheels at base of treadmill for easy maneuvering
  • Folds flat and stores under most furniture
  • Non-slip, shock absorbing 5-layer running belt
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Safety clip
  • Quiet, 2.25 HP motor
  • Contains phone holder for entertainment or meetings
  • Comes with two bottles of lubricant for the track
  • Comes in seven colors


Consider these factors before you buy

  • Armrest handles need to be removed before folding, which requires an Allen wrench and patience
  • Running belt area is 40 inches by 16 inches, so some adults may find they don’t have enough room
  • The machine’s power cord is on the short side, so it may require an extension cord
  • Glitchy remote

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What is the machine’s weight capacity?

The Goplus SuperFit under-desk treadmills holds up to 265 pounds.

How long is the running belt?

The running belt is 40 inches by 16 inches long.

Does it have incline capacity?

Unfortunately, no. This under-desk treadmill doesn’t have incline capacity.

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What Other Reviewers Had to Say

One verified Amazon reviewer attests to the machine’s minimal noise level: “It’s quiet! I can use it in my apartment’s spare room while watching a movie and no one can even hear me or it move.”

“This treadmill works great under my desk,” writes one verified Amazon reviewer. “I teach online classes from my desk and I walk at 1.7 mph while teaching. I’ve been teaching for two hours and 22 minutes as I write this review and I’ve already walked 2.45 miles.”

Jon adds, “This treadmill is great if you don’t have a lot of open space. It runs well and it’s really cute, too.”

Final Verdict

When searching for the best small treadmills for your home or apartment, consider the Goplus under-desk treadmill. I use it multiple times each week and already notice a difference in my stamina. While it may not be the solution for taller adults with longer strides or those who are looking to get a fast and quick run in, it certainly meets the walking needs of remote workers or anyone who wants to clock more miles no matter the weather. Just make sure to wear proper footwear like these podiatrist-recommended Hoka shoes for walking and Feetures socks.

Where to Buy the Goplus SuperFit Under-Desk Treadmill

Th Ecomm Desk Treadmill Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Purchase your Goplus under-desk treadmill on Amazon, Target or the brand’s website where it retails for $329-339.

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