This Calculator Tells You EXACTLY How Much Sleep You’ve Lost Since You Had Kids

Updated: Aug. 08, 2017

Wait, you're saying parents don't get their full eight hours every night?

via takes a village to raise a child—an incredibly sleep-deprived village, that is. And thanks to the Lost Sleep Calculator, parents can know precisely how many hours of zzz’s have been lost, thanks to their little bundles of joy!

Hillary’s, a British interior design company, has created an intuitive tool which is as simple to use as assembling a crib— actually, scratch that, that’s a horrible analogy. It’s really easy to use.

When you pull up the site, you are greeted by a sickle moon spooning a star and prompted to enter the age of each of your children in years and months, up to ten total. Then you hit the “calculate my lost sleep button,” and you’re off on a magic carpet ride of under-eye bags and parenting stats.

For example, if you have twins who are both a year and a half old, the calculator predicts that you’ve lost a total of 5,919 hours of sleep, which is 247 days, or eight months. (And, you’re not imagining feeling like a zombie after all of those hours of lost sleep. This is what happens to your body when you don’t get enough sleep.)

The calculator then goes on to give some additional information stats about raising your kid, like how many lullabies you’ve sung, how many diapers you’ve changed, and how many bedtime stories you’ve read.  And finally, the calculator wraps up with the results of your mommy and daddy-daze and stats about your erratic behavior—for example, the calculator states that one in five parents have put breast milk in coffee. But hey, mistakes make better parents in the end.

By the way, if you try to be cheeky and enter that you have 10 children all aged 9999 years and 9999 months, the site will just throw back an eternal progress bar.

So now, when you’re incredibly tired from staying up all night cooing your child to sleep, you can know precisely how tired you are. This is the future.