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Nothing is more important than your children. Learn how to keep them healthy and happy.

10 Things to Remember When Talking to Your Child About Alcohol

Talking to your teen about the dangers of drinking may be something you're dreading—but you can't afford to put it...

11 Yummy (and Easy!) After-School Snacks That Nutritionists Give to Their Own Kids

The hours of after school to dinnertime can be bewitching for sure. Your children arrive home from school in a...

This Calculator Tells You EXACTLY How Much Sleep You’ve Lost Since You Had Kids

Wait, you're saying parents don't get their full eight hours every night?

If You’re Making These 10 Hygiene Mistakes, You Could Be Making Your Kids Sick

Kids can be gross. They play in dirt, eat boogers, and really resist hand washing. Is that bad—or is it...

Here’s the Story Behind Why Hospitals Have Newborn Baby Nurseries

It's not just because babies are cute (but yeah, that is part of the reason).

13 Smart (and Sensitive) Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Their Weight

Addressing weight with your child is a sensitive matter—you want them to be healthy, but also want them to accept...

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10 Products You Should Avoid Using on Your Baby

So many baby products, so little time to research the best brands out there. Here are the baby products you...

3 Healthy Ways to Help Your Kids Excel in School

Powerful brains come from healthy bodies. Follow these golden rules to help ensure that your kids succeed this school year—and...

15+ School Supplies That Can Make Your Kid Healthier

Back-to-school plans have parents thinking about kids' academics. But it's also a great time to reassess their health habits. With...

7 Things Every Parent Should Do to Prevent Summer Weight Gain in Kids

With school-free days often comes sedentary screen time and those tempting summer treats. That combination turns summer into a ticking...

Warning: This Is Why Starting School Young Can Negatively Impact Your Child’s Mental Health

Before sending little ones off to kindergarten, consider their age in relation to their peers. It could make a huge...

You’re Probably Overdosing Your Kid When They’re Sick—Here’s Why

Two teaspoons equal a tablespoon, right? Maybe? Actually not, and this kind of sloppy math is one reason parents end...

Older Dads Have Smarter Sons, Science Says—and You’ll Never Guess Why

Bye, biological clock! If you consider yourself geeky, you might have your old man to thank.

Why Your Child Shouldn’t Be Drinking Almond, Soy, or Rice Milk

If it's any kind of "milk" other than cow's milk, kids shouldn't drink it—because they could coming up short (literally).

The 9 Car Seat Rules Every Parent Needs to Be Following

Choosing the right car seat for your child can be confusing. Ensure your child’s safety by following these tips.

9 Ways to Find a Good Pediatrician You Can Trust

Who can calm a mother's frantic worry over a late-night fever? Or soothe an anxious new father's worries about his...

Those Trendy Fidget Spinners Are Giving Some Kids (and Their Teachers) the Fidgets

The whirling gizmos are all the rage in classrooms around the country. But are they really improving learning for kids?...

The Science Is In: Screen Time for Your Kids Really Isn’t That Bad

Stop feeling guilty of letting your little one play with your iPad.

Everyone Is Different: 7 Children’s Books that Help Explain How

Kids are naturally curious about what makes people different, but sometimes adults fumble for the right words. These books might...

Kids Who Count with Their Fingers Are Smarter, Researchers Say

The more aware students are of their individual fingers, the higher they score on math tests.

How Young is Too Young for Teens to Start Drinking Coffee?

There are no official guidelines, but here’s what the experts have to say.

There’s a Reason Your Teen Is Tired All The Time—and You’re Not Going to Like It

Is your teen catching up on social media instead Of catching zzz's?

The Scary Reason You Should Never Let Your Child Eat Fresh Snow

Think twice before catching flakes on your tongue.

9 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Congenital Heart Defects

Knowing ahead of time that your unborn child may have a heart problem has been linked to better long-term outcomes....

You Need These 7 Items to Get Your Baby Through a Bad Cold

You can't give cold medicine to a baby under age 2, so what's a desperate mom with a sick baby...