Children’s Health

Nothing is more important than your children. Learn how to keep them healthy and happy.

10 Silent Signs Your Teen May Be Abusing Drugs

It is the rare teen who comes right out and admits to a drug problem, so it's up to parents to watch for these more subtle clues.

25 Things Your Child’s Pediatrician Won’t Tell You

Go behind the scenes with your child's doctor to see what they are really thinking.

The Scientific Reason the Mother-Child Bond Is So Powerful

It likely comes as no surprise to moms that they can literally feel everything their child is feeling—and now science...

9 Things Teachers Wish You Knew About Learning Disabilities

You might think you know all about learning disabilities, but getting the facts will help all types of learners get...

Human Growth Hormone: What Doctors Need You to Know About HGH

Human growth hormone was for slow-growing children, but now, adults take it in hopes they'll ward off aging. Here's what...

This Common Bad Habit Could Be Ruining Your Child’s Sleep

This could be the cause of your child's tossing and turning at night. Parents, you're guilty of this, too.

This Common Drug Is Being Used for Childbirth—and It’ll Have You Laughing through Labor

If you're having a baby, we've got great news about a brand new way of getting you through those painful...

This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Blow on Your Baby’s Food

That touching act could put your kid's health at risk.

8 Easy Lunch Ideas Nutritionists Pack for Their Own Kids

Already out of ideas for packing in your kids' lunchboxes? Check out these super healthy kid lunches to inspire you.

This Is the Essential Screening Your Kids Need—but Probably Aren’t Getting

Does your child have trouble reading? It might be worth getting their hearing tested.

10 Simple Things All Healthy Kids Have in Common

Changing a handful of little habits can help ensure you have super healthy kids. These are the pediatrician-approved qualities of...

Placebos Might Be Almost as Effective as Antidepressants in Teens, According to Science

Could a fake pill be as beneficial as powerful antidepressant drugs? When the fake pill lacks the serious side effects...

If Your Child Lies, It Could Actually Be a Sign of Intelligence

Believe it or not, a little deception here and there could have positive implications for your child down the road.

If You Demonstrate This One Trait, Your Child Could Be More Successful

Little eyes are watching. And odds are, they're learning much more from what you do than what you say.

Yes, Childhood Changes Your DNA—Here’s How

There are things that you can do to make sure your kid's DNA stays in tip-top shape.

Grandparents Who Babysit Live Longer, According to Science

Extra reason to leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend!

Letting Teens Sleep In Just 30 Minutes More Could Save the Country $9 Billion a Year

Who knew just a few extra minutes of sleep could pile up to all that money?

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How to Get Kids on a Sleeping Schedule Before the School Year Starts

Sliding into a back-to-school routine is crucial for the overall health of your family. Make the transition from summer to...

What You Need to Know About Skin-Care Lines for Babies, According to Dermatologists

Do babies really have different skin types—or aren't they all just super sensitive?

10 Medical Reasons Your Child Might Be Overweight

A child's weight isn't always the result of diet and exercise. There are some genetic, biological, and medical causes that...

10 Doctor-Approved Tricks for Helping Kids Avoid Getting Sick This Fall

Keep your kid out of the doctor's office and flu-free this school year by following these doctor-recommended tips.

10 Lunch Box Mistakes Parents Seriously Have to Stop Making

Keeping your kids properly fed and nourished is crucial for them to get through their day, but are you really...

The Surprising Reason Kids (and Adults!) Should Start Going Barefoot More

If you're fed up buying new shoes for your kid's ever-growing feet, this news will make your day.

8 Ways You Can Ease Your Anxiety When You Send Your Kid to Kindergarten

You may have counted down until your due date, but the weeks leading up to your not-so-little child's first day...