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10 Science-Backed Facts About Breakups

The end of a romantic relationship can seem like the end of the world. Post-breakup, you may spend all your...

So, You’re Probably Bathing Your Kids WAY Too Much

A good scrub-down doesn’t need to happen as often as you think.

10 Signs Your Child Might Have Anxiety

Some one in eight children suffers from anxiety and it can easily come across as bad behavior. These warning signs...

Add These 9 Lunch Box Foods to Boost Your Kid’s Brainpower

Putting these brain foods in your child's lunch box can boost academic performance, improve memory, and increase attention spans.

10 Cold and Flu Remedies for Infants and Kids All Parents Should Know

All kiddos get sick—and often at the most inopportune times. Luckily, many simple treatments can make that cold or flu...

15 Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips Parents Need to Know

This Halloween, you'll only want scares from spooky ghosts and goblins—not from injuries or lost children. Here's how to have...

12 Non-Candy Halloween Treats Trick-or-Treaters Will Still Love

When every house on the block is handing out bucket loads of sugary sweets, hand out these treats as a...

These 6 Surprising Habits Can Increase Your Empathy

Have you read a novel or talked to a stranger lately?

8 Times Texting Is Actually Better Than Calling

Text messaging is often knocked as a trivial or insincere means of communication. But it often has its advantages.

6 Phrases Guaranteed to Make Any Argument Worse

You may think you're helping—but you're just screwing things up more.

7 Clear Signs You’re a Bad Listener

Are most of your conversations in one ear and out the other? Here's expert advice on how to focus, connect,...

Can Birth Order Predict Your Health?

Birth order stereotypes (like firstborn achiever, or middle-child mediator) may have a profound impact on how we perceive our personality,...

How to Make Everyone in the Room Relax

Whether you're at lunch with coworkers or at a party with strangers, these tips can help lighten the mood and...

8 Bizarre Ways Your Spouse Can Affect Your Health

Your partner’s personality, exercise habits, work hours, and more can have surprising effects on your own well-being, new research shows....

7 Fun Healthy Food Ideas for Kids

Got a picky eater? (Who doesn’t?) End mealtime battles with these creative ways to make healthy foods more tempting.

The Newlywed’s Guide to a Happy Marriage

Don’t go from lovey dovey to angry birds: Here’s your guide to a having a long, happy marriage right from...

13 Tips to Increase Your Family’s Happiness and Health

Happy families share certain basic characteristics. Here are a few of the foundations experts say are key to creating a...

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Baby Vegetables 101

Miniature cauliflower, Lilliputian squash, and dainty bunches of carrots look irresistible on the produce shelf. But how exactly does one

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Regular Family Meals Boost Children’s Health

Want slimmer kids? Eat with them. Regular family meals reduce the risk of obesity, improve children’s nutrition, and encourage healthy

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Why Moms-to-Be Should Eat Organic

Pregnant women have a new reason to eat organic: babies exposed to pesticides while in the womb may grow up

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Vitamin B12 May Be the Key to a Calmer Baby

Mothers-to-be who increase their levels of B12 in early pregnancy are about eight times more likely to have babies who

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Child Health Myths Every Parent Should Know

Few things are more frightening than a sick child. But before you rush out to the drugstore, make sure you

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Start Healthy Family Habits

How is it possible to eat dinner together and exercise more when both parents work and kids are overscheduled? It

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How to Make Your Own Healthy Baby Food

Don't worry, it won't take up all of your time and money either. Follow these quick tips and tricks to...

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Parent Alert: Teens and Porn

My seven-year-old, Henry, can’t spell. Yet there’s one word he can spell perfectly. That word is boob. I discovered this

Tame Teething Trouble

Tips for soothing teething troubles.

How to Survive a Health Crisis or Chronic Illness

When sickness enters a marriage remember your vows and support each other with communication and love.