First Aid

Everyone should know basic first aid skills. Learn about first aid training and what you need to know to help yourself or someone else in need.

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12 Natural Ways to Keep Bugs at Bay

Less itching and scratching will make everyone's summer more fun, so stock up on these chemical-free insect repellents—you might even...

7 Tricks for Beating Your Motion Sickness

If you can't stomach the idea of a roller coaster or cruise anymore, take heart. There are ways to help...

10 Warning Signs of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is sneaky and silent—and it can be fatal. Knowing the causes and the treatment is crucial to protecting...

Mosquito Bites: 10 Weird Reasons You’re Getting Bitten

Mosquitoes buzz: Whom they love to bite, where they like to hang out, and which repellents they hate the most.

Beat the Heat! Tricks to Stay Cool in the Summer

These clever, low-cost moves will help you keep your cool when the weather's hot.

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Home Remedies for Burns: 11 Surprising Treatments That Work

These home remedies for burns—from Pamela Hops, MD—use household items as treatments that can provide quick relief

The Doctor-Approved Way to Get Rid of Bruises ASAP

Ow! Who put that coffee table there?? Now you're watching an unsightly bruise emerge on your shin. Quick: Use these...

The Weird Reason Your Mosquito Bites Itch for So Long

During summer, one of the main ways people burn calories is scratching mosquito bites. OK, that's not true, but it...

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7 Diseases You Can Get from a Mosquito Bite

Mosquitoes can spread deadly diseases. Malaria, dengue, and yellow fever kill several million people every year, according to the...

The Real Reason You Bruise So Easily

The occasional bruise is virtually inevitable, but those that show up with zero explanation can be alarming. Here's what may...

46 Secrets Lifeguards Desperately Want You to Know

From helpful hints (floaties won't save your kid) to your most annoying habits (stop talking to me!), everything lifeguards want...

17 Hidden Pool Dangers You Need to Know

Nothing says summer like a day spent splashing in the pool, but your average swimming pool can be more dangerous...

15 Beach Safety Rules That Can Save Your Life

The lazy days of summer are no time to get lazy about water safety.

How to Save Your Own Life in 12 Scary Emergencies

From lightning strikes to bear attacks, experts reveal the tactics that could help save your life.

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Identifying Bug Bites: How to Figure Out What Bit You

Mosquito bites are distressingly familiar, but what about all those other mysterious, red, itchy spots that show up in summer?...

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10 Everyday Emergencies You Need To Know How to Manage

Flat tire? Stovetop fire? Here's how to troubleshoot these common everyday emergencies.

7 First Aid Mistakes That Are More Dangerous Than You Think

How should you treat burns or injuries? Here are the right and wrong ways to treat injuries so you can...

This Man Broke 15 Bones When He Fell into a Glacier—Here’s How He Survived

He knew that if he couldn't climb out, that crack in the ice would become his grave.

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12 Things That Happen to Your Body When It’s Freezing Out

When the temperature drops below freezing, the human body uses these incredible mechanisms to try to stay warm.

This Chart Shows Exactly What to Do if Someone Collapses

First you need to evaluate a person's mental status and then follow these steps to keep them safe.

10 Healing Benefits of Aloe Vera for Breakouts, Burns, and More

If you think aloe vera is just for bug bites and sunburns, think again.

13 Crucial Things You Should Always Have in Your Home Emergency Kit

Whether it's a hurricane, fire, earthquake, flood, or disease outbreak, you need to be prepared with an emergency kit in...

Daydreaming Could Land You in the Emergency Room, Says Science

Daydreaming is demonstrably more dangerous while completing dangerous tasks, go figure.

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7 CPR Steps Everyone Should Know

Doing CPR right away can double or even triple a person’s chance of surviving cardiac arrest. Learn these CPR steps...

Why You Should Never, Ever Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

You may say it's comfortable, but it really isn't worth the risk.

This Genius Band-Aid Hack Is Perfect for the Next Time You Get an Awkward Cut

Because sometimes simply using what the box gives you just doesn't cut it.