First Aid

Everyone should know basic first aid skills. Learn about first aid training and what you need to know to help yourself or someone else in need.

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How Safe are DIY Hand Sanitizers?

Health experts don't completely agree, but homemade hand sanitizer is probably not your best option for getting rid of germs. Here's why.

10 Most Common Reasons People Call a Poison Control Center

Here are the most common toxic substances responsible for calls to poison control centers, including cough and cold medicines, pesticides,...

12 Red Flags Your Fever Is Something More Serious

A fever is usually a good sign; it means your body's defense system is working. But it can also signal...

The Scientific Reason Why Healthy People Faint—and How to Treat Them

Know the best way to respond when someone faints and the signs that indicate they should seek further treatment.

59 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Don't dismiss these important cues from your body that could signal huge health problems. Your life may depend on it.

What Does Poison Ivy Look Like?

About 85 percent of people are allergic to this poisonous plant. If you're one of them, avoid irritating rashes this...

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10 Types of Poison Ivy Treatment You’ll Be Thankful to Know

Get relief from the rash without resorting to drugstore treatments with these natural poison ivy treatments.

9 Weird Reasons Your Body Suddenly Feels Swollen

Face, feet, or even tongue suddenly swollen? Experts share why this happens, what you can do, and when you should...

9 Clear Signs You’re About to Faint

You should never ignore these symptoms of fainting

17 Hydrogen Peroxide Uses You Never Knew About

Keep a bottle in every room of your house to whiten teeth, clean mirrors, prevent stains, and more.

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4 Dangerous Signs That Your Body Is Overheating—and 4 Ways You’re Making It Worse

No one wants to think about the risks of pretty sunshine, white-sand beaches or all-day softball games. But heat exhaustion...

7 Ways to Make a DIY Ice Pack

These homemade, doctor-approved ice packs will soothe your aches and keep your your lunches cool. They're perfect in a pinch,...

How to Speed Up Healing So You Can Get Rid of That Nasty Scab

Healing is complicated, but you can speed up healing—and reduce the chances of complications like infections and scars—by making the...

11 Silent Signs of Sepsis You Need to Know

Sepsis, or "blood poisoning," is deadly—but it's also tough to diagnose. Learning to recognize the signs is your best protection...

6 Silent Signs Your Sunburn Is Actually Sun Poisoning

Too much sun can do more than turn your skin red or brown—it can actually make you sick.

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How to Treat a Dislocated Shoulder Without a Doctor

Simple ways to pop a shoulder into place without doing more harm than good, according to a survival medicine expert....

9 Signs of an Infected Cut or Scrape You Should Never Ignore

A simple wound, if not treated properly, can quickly turn serious. Here's how to ID signs of a developing infection...

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7 Bug Bites You Should Never, Ever Ignore

Even though most bug bites are just a nuisance, some can be dangerous and escalate into a serious illness if...

The 2-Minute Concussion Test Anyone Can Do

It's the test you've never heard of, but it can help parents and coaches recognize a concussion fast.

10 Drowning Myths Everyone Still Believes

An emergency medicine pediatrician reveals the most common drowning myths and how to prevent, spot, and rescue a swimmer in...

8 First Aid Tricks ER Doctors Wish You Knew

Emergency room doctors reveal the first aid basics you should know that could save a life before you call...

The Right Way to Stop a Nosebleed

Treating a bloody nose incorrectly can prolong the bleeding and make things worse. Follow these steps to stop a nosebleed.

How I Survived a Rattlesnake Bite—With No Way of Calling 911 or Getting to a Hospital

There was no warning—
just a silent and deadly bite in 
a remote area of Yosemite. 
And antivenom was 100 miles...

Finally! This Is Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much

Paper is harmless...until it's not.

Surprising Signs of Hypothermia That Are Too Easy to Miss

On average, 1,300 people die every year in the United States from excessive cold. Know how to spot signs of...

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How One Woman Almost Died from Two “Spider Bites”

Her doctor dismissed the marks as "spider bites," but the reality was more serious.

7 Frostbite Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

As the peak of winter approaches, getting to know the symptoms of frostbite is essential. Here are the frostbite signs...