Drugs and Medicine

Medicine – we all take it, but do you really know what you’re putting into your body? Learn about medication side effects and more.

7 Common Medications You Didn’t Know Could Worsen Sun Damage

You know some medications have side effects such as fatigue or stomach upset, but a handful can set you up for a nasty sunburn or rash. Make sure you're not taking any of them before you head outdoors to soak up the rays.

A Pharmacist Sometimes Knows More About Health Than Your Doctor—Here’s Why

Don't miss the opportunity to ask your pharmacist for health advice—they might just know more than your physician on certain...

11 Silent Signs Your Medications Are Making You Sick

Some medications or combinations of medications are more likely to be a problem than others

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10 Signs You’re Taking Too Many Prescriptions

Avoid a dangerous drug interaction by knowing these warning signs, which may indicate you're at risk for taking too many...

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10 Things You Need to Know About Taking Too Many Medications

Our experts explain the potential dangers of over-prescribing, also known as polypharmacy, which can lead to serious drug interactions.

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10 Super-Important Questions to Ask Before You Take Prescription Medications

What if you miss a dose? Are there foods should should avoid? Here are key questions to ask before you...

10 Dangerous Superbugs the World Health Organization Is Warning Everyone About

Superbugs are scary pathogens that are resistant to mainstream antibiotics, and they're on the rise. These are the ones to...

Do You Really Have to Stop Drinking on Antibiotics?

The surprising reason one drink (probably) won’t hurt.

Drug Shortages: The Scary Reality of a World Without Meds

Imagine surgeons running out of anesthetic drugs, cancer patients who can't get lifesaving chemotherapy, and doctors scrambling for the most...

The Accidental History of 10 Common Drugs

These true tales of discovery in The Drug Book by Michael C. Gerald might change the way you think about...

4 Surprising Times to Skip Antibiotics

The FDA’s recent warning about certain heart dangers of the commonly prescribed antibiotic azithromycin (the one in Z-Paks) puts yet

5 Things You Need to Know About Where Rx Drugs Come From

As the number of cases of and deaths from fungal meningitis linked to spinal steroid injections grows, we’re learning more...

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Are Generic Drugs Safe?

What you need to know when deciding between brand-name drugs and their generic drugs counterparts.

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Hospital Checklists to Avoid Medication Mistakes

Medication mistakes and communication failures can make hospital care riskier than it needs to be. These tips will help patients...

Gaining Weight? Maybe It’s Your Medicine

If you're gaining weight for no reason or having trouble losing it, check the contents of your medicine cabinet.

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How to Buy Medicine Online

Shopping online is convenient and economical, but the potential for trouble is bigger when you buy pills and prescriptions off...

The Don’t-Do List: 4 Treatments and Tests to Reconsider

What doctors do is important. Equally important: what they don't do.

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A Primer on Painkillers

  Figuring out which over-the-counter pain reliever is the best one to use for your headache, fever, or muscle ache

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The Killers in Your Medicine Cabinet

The Pills They Take In 2009, high school seniors admitted to abusing these five commonly prescribed drugs. Vicodin, 9.7% OxyContin,

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10 Ways to Safely Use Prescription Drugs

1. Ask Questions Before leaving the doctor’s office with a new prescription, make sure you understand why the medicine is

Prescription Drug Side Effects: Take As Directed

Nearly 30% of us stop taking our medicines before we should. Why playing doctor can be a dangerous game.

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Mixing Medication and Exercise

Is there a best time to exercise? The short answer is yes: anytime you can fit it into your schedule.