Drugs and Medicine

Medicine – we all take it, but do you really know what you’re putting into your body? Learn about medication side effects and more.

Experts: Frequent Use of This Trusted Over-the-Counter Drug Can Lead to Severe Liver Damage

It treats inflammation to relieve headaches, fevers, pain and more—but national authorities are warning that without certain knowledge, it's possible to overdose.

A Name-Brand Cough Syrup Was Just Recalled Nationwide

The FDA urges consumers not to ingest these potentially contaminated medications marketed to treat severe cough, flu and...

Here’s How Often You Can Take Ibuprofen, Say Expert Doctors

When you seek comfort in a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, doctors share how often you can take...

If You’re on This Medication, Doctors Say You May Be More Vulnerable to Heat Waves

Summer temperatures are on the rise all over the country—and for people on certain medications, that can cause...

Insulin Prices Are Going Down by 70%—Here’s What You Need to Know

Drugmaker Eli Lilly's new cap will drop insulin prices to $35 per month, saving patients millions in expenses.

Amazon Has a New Prescription Plan—Here’s How You Can Use It

RxPass, the new Amazon prescription plan, includes more than 80 medications. Here's what you need to know.

Instantly Organize Your Medicine Cabinet in a Few Simple Steps

With advice from infectious disease doctors and a professional organizer, reset your routine with this step-by-step medicine cabinet makeover.

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How Amazon Pharmacy Could Save You Money on Prescription Drugs

Amazon Pharmacy is a program that challenges the convenience and pricing of traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Here's how it works and...

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12 Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Antibiotics

Make your antibiotic medication as effective as possible by getting these answers before you leave the doctor's office or pharmacy.

10 Things Nurses Always Keep in Their Medicine Cabinets

Nurses share the essential medical items you need for your home. These must-have items can help heal aches, cuts, and...

22 Drugs Easy to Mix Up Because They Look or Sound Alike

Remember to check your prescription. These are the drugs that can be a source of medical mistakes due to similar...

Should I Avoid Ibuprofen for COVID-19 Fever?

Does ibuprofen worsen Covid-19 symptoms? Should you avoid it for fever? Experts weigh in

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Do Placebos Work? Here’s Why Doctors Sometimes “Prescribe” Them

Placebos do work and doctors do "prescribe" them. Here's why and what you need to know

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9 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Pharmacist—But Aren’t

Drug safety experts reveal the nine questions every consumer should ask their pharmacist to avoid medication errors.

6 Hidden Dangers of Common Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

Here are some potential hazards of common OTC pain relievers, such as aspirin, plus tips on how to safeguard your...

The Real Difference Between Aspirin and Ibuprofen—and When to Take Them

You might think aspirin and ibuprofen are interchangeable when it comes to pain relief, but they're not.

The Danger of Swallowing Pills Without Water—It’s Not Choking

Think popping an Advil on the fly is totally harmless? You won't believe what can happen.

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14 Ways to Lower Triglycerides Naturally

Are your triglyceride levels elevated? Here are the ways you can bring that number down yourself, and get your heart...

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15 Medical Reasons for Your Loss of Appetite

Causes for a loss of appetite range from the common cold to a serious illness or health condition. Here's why...

10 Bizarre Side Effects of Common Medications

Blue urine? Weight gain? A hairy tongue?! Watch out for the strange things that can happen when you take certain...

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10 OTC Medications and Products You’re Using All Wrong

Just because you can buy a medication over the counter doesn’t mean it’s always safe. Here’s how you should really...

What Are Nootropics—and Can They Really Make You Smarter?

We all want to focus longer, think faster, and be more creative, and some say these substances may be the...

10 Medication Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Health

Are you making any of these mistakes? These 10 guidelines will help you take your medication the right way.

The 11 Most Expensive Prescription Drugs in America

Some prescription drugs cost patients more in one month than you'd pay for a new car. Here's a look at...

This Is When It’s OK to Take Expired Medication

Research suggests that many medications are still safe and effective years—or sometimes even decades—after the expiration date.

13 Supplement or Medication Combos You Should Never Mix

Millions of us take vitamins, minerals, and other supplements daily to improve our health and well-being—but taking certain pills together...

17 Everyday Medication Mistakes That Could Make You Sick

Medical experts share the most common medication mistakes that you should avoid to make sure you don't get sick.

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7 Silent Signs of Serotonin Syndrome

Symptoms can range from mild to severe—and if left untreated—can even be deadly.

7 Common Medications That Can Contribute to Weight Gain

You may be healing your body at the expense of your waistline. Here's what to look for in your medicine...

Your Ibuprofen Habit Could Be Keeping You Weak—Here’s Why

When it comes to working out, there's no shortage of diehards who love to tell you, "No pain, no gain."...