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Outrageous Hospital Lingo That Doctors and Nurses Use Behind Your Back

Thankfully, this lingo isn't used regularly in health-care settings, but an unflattering comment may occasionally slip out during a particularly frustrating situation. Decipher some of the more shocking slang here.

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Frequent flier

A repeat customer to the ER, often a patient with chronic medical problems who can’t afford to go anywhere else. Don’t miss these 50 things hospitals aren’t telling you.

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Weekend syndrome

When doctors covering for a colleague on the weekend won’t make important decisions, particularly end-of-life ones.

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Code brown

A bed full of excrement. “Got a Code Brown in 214.” Here’s what nurses secretly think about you (but won’t say to your face).

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To go downhill quickly or die. “The patient in 3 crumped last night.”

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Short for “get out of my emergency room” (aka a patient you dread). Don’t miss these other secrets ER doctors won’t tell you.

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Acute lead poisoning

Gunshot wound

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Pain in the a$$

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Funny-looking kid

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Felt awful but I’m all right now syndrome

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Poor miserable soul

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Patient who “did not keep appointment.” Think that’s frustrating for health care professionals? Check out the most annoying things patients do, according to doctors.

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Divorced & Desperate (middle-age female who visits doctor weekly for male attention)

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Had it before, got it again.

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Hypertensive obese noncompliant diabetic adult

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Little old lady in no apparent distress. For more insider secrets from the medical profession, check out these emergency room stories that are almost too crazy to be true.

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