7 Cold Water Remedies

Updated: Feb. 08, 2017

1. Cold Water for Stress Relief Bnet.com blogger Penelope Trunk suggests if you’re struggling with procrastination or nervous energy, you

1. Cold Water for Stress Relief

Bnet.com blogger Penelope Trunk suggests if you’re struggling with procrastination or nervous energy, you should head to the bathroom and splash your face with cold water. Citing advice sent to her from her therapist, Trunk writes that the technique dampens the body’s fight or flight response. Cold water helps to regulate body temperature, slows the heart rate, and thus reduces anxiety fairly quickly, if not immediately.

2. Cold Water for Shiny Hair

Anyone interested in hair care has probably heard that rinsing with cool water can make hair shinier. In a post with 7 more shiny-hair secrets, Harper’s Bazaar says this is why hairdryers have “cool shot” buttons… cold water, and air, help seal the hair’s cuticle, smoothing and prepping strands to better reflect light.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

3. Cold Water for Weight Loss

This one’s been debated for a long time, and now has a little bit of science behind it. Dieters willing to give it a try can expect a reward of burning approximately 70 extra calories a day.

4. Cold Water for Burns

Next time you’re faced with the unfortunate task of applying first aid for a burn, take this advice from AskDrSears.com: stop the heat immediately by submerging the affected area in cold water. Can’t submerge? Run cold water over the burn. Continue to use cold water for 20 minutes. Read what to do next by visiting the Dr. Sears guide to skin care.

5. Cold Water for Speedy Manicures

Real Simple calls it the fastest way to dry polish and they aren’t kidding – a dunk in ice-cold water is all it takes to set and harden nail lacquer… fast! This is especially useful if you’re short on time and have no quick-dry polish or finishing spray. Try it: After applying each coat, dunk hands in a bowl of very cold water for 3 minutes.

6. Cold Water for a Hangover

Simply drinking water will help you to combat a hangover, but once the damage is done, you won’t want to sit there wondering why you didn’t drink water before hitting the sack, or why you couldn’t manage to alternate each cocktail with a glass of H2O. So what can you do? One time-tested trick is to hit the shower and alternate temps between hot and cold, but since the cold will probably feel unbearable, try this tip from everycollegegirl.com: extend the benefits of cold water by rinsing a washcloth and draping it over your forehead and eyes as you lay down to rest in a dark room. The site claims this also remedies the dryness associated with hangovers.

7. Cold Water for Circulation and Muscle Recovery

Switching between hot and cold water in the shower can improve circulation since warm water causes blood to rush to the skin’s surface in order to protect organs, while cool water propels blood toward your organs to keep them heated. Cold water is also the training secret of many professional athletes who are brave enough to submerse their bodies in ice baths, a post-workout strategy that helps muscles recover by decreasing inflammation and swelling.

Sources: healthfree.com, runningtimes.com

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