Staying hydrated isn’t just for summer months. Learn about dehydration effects and how to stay hydrated all year long.

6 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Use a Straw

Sipping on a straw isn't as good for you as you think.

This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Leave a Water Bottle in a Hot Car

It has nothing to do with drinking icky warm water.

17 Things You Need to Know About Your Tap Water

When you turn on your faucet to fill a spaghetti pot or sippy cup, do you know what's actually coming...

Beware! Your Water Filter Might Still Be Letting Toxins Through

Think all water filter pitchers are created equal? Think again. Some could be letting harmful toxins into your drinking water.

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10 Sneaky Ways You Might Be Making Yourself Dehydrated

Getting less than the recommended 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water a day is almost sure to leave you dehydrated,...

Here’s How to Make Water Drinkable If You Find Yourself in an Emergency Situation

Staying hydrated is extremely important. This is the info you need to help you get through any emergency.

This Is How Much Water You Should REALLY Be Drinking Each Day

That old eight glasses a day adage doesn't add up.

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Can You Get Dehydrated While You Sleep? Here’s What an Expert Says

We spend about a third of every day sleeping and not taking in necessary fluids. How concerned should we be?

Watch Out! Your Tap Water May Not Be Safe to Drink

Read this before you drink H2O from tap.

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This Is Why You Should Never Refill Your Plastic Water Bottle

We’re all guilty of refilling plastic water bottles—but the consequences may be potentially harmful for your health.

6 Brilliantly Low-Budget Inventions That Could Help Save the World

From purified drinking water to safer home births, these genius inventions bring hope and possibility to millions.

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6 Types of Bottled Water You are Drinking

Between 25 and 45 percent of the bottled water sold in the United States originates as tap water. Here are...

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3 Ways to Filter Your Tap Water

Our tap water system may be good, but it’s far from flawless. There are many circumstances that might make you...

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Drinking Water: Are You Doing it Right?

Answers to four common questions about the correct usage of drinking water.

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5 Soda Alternatives

These beverages have zero nutritional value, but each 12-ounce serving of regular soda contains about 150 calories — virtually all

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9 Best Hydration Packs to Quench Your Thirst Outdoors

Don't wait until you're thirsty to hydrate. Learn why you should be drinking water consistently during outdoor activities, and...