Depression can affect your daily life. Learn about different types of depression, causes, and how to cope with it.

8 Hidden Signs of Depression to Watch Out For

Depression, especially milder cases, doesn’t always involve crying or feeling obviously unhappy. These subtler mental clues could also indicate you have this mood disorder.

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Can You Ever Stop Taking Antidepressants?

The answer is most likely yes, but the process might look different for different people depending on their health, outlook,...

14 of the Most Dangerous Misconceptions About Depression

Some ingrained notions about depression cause unneeded suffering for people with depression and those around them. Here's how to better...

Depression Quiz: Can You ID the Symptoms?

Can you tell depression from sadness? From feelings of anxiety? Would you know it in yourself or in a loved...

Say This One Thing and You Might Talk Someone Out of Suicide

17-year-old Desmond quickly realized the man sitting on the edge of the bridge was planning to end his life. So...

7 Foods that Could Make Your Depression Worse

If you’re prone to the blues or just want to keep your spirits high, cut back on the foods that...

Running Low on These Nutrients Could Trigger a Mood Disorder

Think the food you eat has nothing to do with the mood you're in? Think again. The following key vitamins...

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12 Simple but Powerful Ways Therapists Ward off Depression and Anxiety

Therapists have the same emotional highs and lows as everyone else, but they also have some handy-dandy tricks up their...

8 Treatments That Are Better Than Antidepressants

Before trying medication, consider exercise, check your diet, or opt for light therapy. You'd be surprised at how much they...

How Countries with the Shortest Days Beat Seasonal Depression

Scandinavian countries are home to some of the darkest winters, yet their citizens are often said to be the happiest...

This Is One of the Best Ways to Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (Bonus: It’s Free!)

Feeling blue? Up to a whopping 20 percent of us suffer from SAD—seasonal affective disorder—each year when the winter comes...

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7 Everyday Habits That Could Up Your Risk For Depression

Avoiding these common habits may lighten your mood and lower your risk of sliding into full-blown depression.

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Bad News Can Take a Toll on Your Mental Health—Here’s How to Cope

With natural disasters, health epidemics, and terrorist attacks dominating the news, it can be hard not to slip into a...

If You Work Out This Much Each Week, Your Depression Risk Drops

Exercise is known to help keep your body in the physically best shape it can be in. But it can...

The Surprising Way Sleeping Less Could Be a Fast-Acting Antidepressant

When you're feeling down, it's tempting to want to sleep away the day. But snoozing too much could be the...

If You Think You Have Depression or Mental Illness, Take This Test on Google

Because Google always has the answer—even when it involves your own mind.

Scientists May Be on the Road to Making Antidepressants Work Faster

Waiting six weeks for antidepressants to kick in can be excruciating for someone who's really suffering, but science may have...

This Dietary Restriction Doubles Your Chance of Depression

It has to do with a key nutrient you might be missing.

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If You’re Taking Antidepressant Meds and They Aren’t Working, Here’s What You Shou...

Depression affects around 16 million Americans, and many of them turn to medication to lift the black cloud. The...

Science Has Found a Depression Gene—Here’s What You Need to Know

Some 25 percent of the population carries this risk for depression in their genetic blueprint.

Science Has Figured out Why Some Women Get Depressed at Menopause and Others Don’t

If you find yourself feeling blue during menopause, there may be a really good reason why.

The Treatment That Finally Lifted My Depression After Everything Else Failed

More than 15 million Americans suffer from depression, and more than a third of them don't respond to counseling or...

This Mineral Fights Depression—and It’s Cheaper and Safer Than Prescription Drugs

A common over-the-counter supplement could be a key aid in the fight against depression, according to new findings.

Yes, Getting Dirty Can Act as a Natural Antidepressant—Here’s Why

A growing body of research suggests that dirt—and the bacteria within it—may help stave off the blues in some people.

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9 Signs You Have Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder—and How to Beat It

At least one in 10 cases of seasonal affective disorder—depression tied to the weather—occur in the summer. Here are...

Could Rock Climbing Treat Depression? Signs Point to Yes!

Buckle up! A new study suggests a weekly bouldering session could work wonders for our mental health.