14 Cozy Loungewear Sets You’ll Want to Live in this Fall

Updated: Mar. 07, 2022

Stay cozy and stylish at home with these loungewear sets for every budget—from cashmere hoodies to fleece joggers.

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What are the best loungewear sets?

This fall, whether you’re working from home or spending more time indoors due to Covid-19 restrictions, you’re likely to wear something that’s cozy and comfortable. Your pajama set (or at least the bottom half) may have been your go-to during the early months of the pandemic for conference calls via Zoom. But as the colder months are approaching, you’re probably looking for a loungewear set that’s not just cozy, but stylish.

Typically, a loungewear set consists of some sort of comfortable jogger or otherwise fitted sweatpants and matching T-shirt or sweatshirt. This can make you feel more put together (for those online meetings), but still super comfortable. Plus, loungewear sets are a good alternative for when you don’t want to wear full-on athletic wear. Also, workout leggings, even the most comfortable ones, are still form-fitting and some sweatpants can feel too baggy and not put together.

The science behind feeling cozy with loungewear

Comfortable and cozy loungewear sets that are versatile for work from home, cooking, laundry, or just lounging around the house on weekends can help keep your spirits up. “Winter can be an especially challenging time for children and adults in terms of their mental health, especially if they live in colder or grayer climates,” says Nicole Beurkens, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist, nutritionist, and founder and director of Horizons Developmental Resource Center in Caledonia, Michigan.

“Not only are many of the outdoor activities people use for exercise and self-care more limited, but the lack of sunlight reduces vitamin D levels and can negatively impact sleep cycles and serotonin levels in the brain,” says Beurkens. Combine those factors with the current pandemic, and you have a recipe for stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, Beurkens says.

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Dressing comfortably as a form of self-care

The good news is that self-care can make a big difference. Self-care involves “being aware of how we’re feeling physically and emotionally, and taking some time to support ourselves to feel better,” says Beurkins. “It’s about stopping to recognize the signs that let us know we aren’t caring for ourselves in the ways we should.”

Does dressing in comfy clothing count as self-care? It sure does. Especially now, when “our lives as we knew them have been transformed and we have yet to reach a new normal,” says Danielle Friedman, a licensed mental health counselor and owner of Free Space Counseling in South Florida. “When clients are going through a change that’s outside their control, I ask them what they can do to take care of themselves in the process. With everything else we’re trying to cope with this year, being comfortable seems like the least you can do to support yourself.” (On that note, you should probably check out 90 Degree by Reflex leggings. You won’t be disappointed.)

To help you ease into the colder months, here are some loungewear sets that are not only cozy, but stylish, too.

loungewear set
Via Terez.com

Terez Waffle Jogger and Waffle Hoodie

$108 each

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This Terez waffle jogger and Terez waffle hoodie loungewear set for women is a cozy option if you want to splurge. The jogger and hoodie are made of soft and breathable synthetic fabric that’s lightweight yet substantial enough to keep you at a comfortable temperature. It’s not hot, not too cold.

roam joggers feat clothing
Via Featclothing.com

Feat The Roam Joggers and BlanketBlend Crewneck

$89 each

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If you’re planning to break a sweat, you’ll appreciate the four-way stretch and sweat-wicking (but still incredibly soft) material of this Feat jogger and crewneck. Bonus: The joggers are high-waisted—ideal if you’re looking for pants that sit comfortably and don’t dig into your stomach. The matching crewneck also comes in a hoodie version.

Via Amazon.com

Onzie Boyfriend Sweatshirt and Fleece Sweatpant

$59-$79 each

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Slip on this soft fleece Onzie set, which includes a sweatshirt and fleece sweatpants, and cuddle up with a hot mug of tea. If you’re not totally sure about the whole tie-dye trend, these dark, jewel-toned versions are a subtle way to rock it. And every time you buy from Onzie, you’re supporting a female-owned-and-operated business.

Via Outdoorvoices.com

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Longsleeve T-Shirt and Sweatpants

$68-$88 each

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How soft is Outdoor Voices’ CloudKnit fabric? So soft it’s like climbing into a cloud (or at least what we all imagine a cloud feels like). Made of polyester and spandex, it’s also great for working out. So you can wear the long sleeve T-shirt and sweatpants around the house all day and not worry about changing before your sweat session.

yummy slim Terry jogger
Via Amazon.com

Yummie Baby French Terry Slim Leg Lounge Jogger and V-Neck Drop Shoulder Tee

$12-$38 each

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The lightweight Yummie baby terry fabric leg jogger and V-neck drop shoulder tee are so buttery soft you won’t want to take them off. Both pieces are tagless, making them even more comfortable for lounging around at home.

cashmere jogger
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Naadam Cashmere Hoodie and Jogger

$175 each

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This loungewear set from Naadamm—made up of a hoodie and a jogger—is proof that yes, women’s sweatpants can be luxe. And the fabric is sustainably sourced. Naadam works directly with goat herders in Mongolia, promotes ethical conditions for the animals used to source yarn, and gives back through nonprofit work that helps the local communities.

summersalt softest Terry jogger
Via Summersalt.com

Summersalt The Softest French Terry Pullover and Jogger

$65-$80 each

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This Summersalt jogger and pullover are a welcome upgrade to your sweats. Striking the perfect balance of cozy and fitted, they’re made partly of sustainable TENCEL™, a biodegradable and compostable material. So you can feel good wearing them.

Via Brooklinen.com

Brooklinen Bed-Stuy Pant and Willow Sweatshirt

$80-$90 each

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When a bedding company like Brooklinen makes loungewear, you just know it’s going to feel good. Both the pants and sweatshirt are lined with fleece, making this set an extra cozy and warm combo for chilly days. The basic color options make it easy to mix and match these pieces with each other or your other favorite pieces of loungewear.

strip and stare lounge pant
Via Stripeandstare.com

Stripe & Stare Stripe Pant & Sweatshirt Set

$170 for set

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The side-stripe detail along the side of this Stripe & Stare set gives it a retro sporty vibe. Made of TENCEL™ micro modal and elastane, the fabric is lightweight, perfectly stretchy, and extremely soft. It’s actually made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, making it quite eco-friendly.

organic Terry jogger

Mate Organic Terry Classic Jogger and Cotton Classic Tee

$64-$128 each

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Mate’s products are all made with organic cotton, which uses significantly less water and emits fewer greenhouse gases than conventional cotton. The supply chain is also local—all items are cut, sewn, dyed, packaged, and shipped from Los Angeles. The classic jogger and cotton tee come in tons of colors, so you can pick your favorite or mix and match for men and women.

muse aloyoga
Via Aloyoga.com

Alo Muse Sweatpant & Hoodie Set

$186 for set

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This Alo Muse set is made with thick, ribbed material (but still soft) that’ll keep you extra warm on cool days. The cropped hoodie adds a little extra style if you do plan to actually leave the house.

loft sweatpant
Via Loft.com

Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Plush Zip Top and Upstate Sweatpants

$69-$79 each

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This Lou & Grey half-zip sweatshirt is as buttery soft as they come. The material of both the sweatshirt and sweatpants also has a good amount of stretch, so you can move freely. The dark, neutral color options are perfect for fall.

Via Richerpoorer.com

Richer Poorer Women’s Fleece Sweatpant and Sweatshirt

$72 each

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These Richer Poorer sweatpants look a lot like those classic sweatpants you wore in high school. But they’re a bit more tapered—so you can wear them out and still feel put together along with the sweatshirt. They’re also softer, thanks to a special process the brand uses to give them a broken-in feel. And the mid-weight fleece will keep you warm without feeling too heavy.


Beyond Yoga Cozy Fleece Favorite Raglan Crew Sweatshirt and Lounge Around Midi Jogger

$88-$99 each

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Beyond Yoga makes absurdly soft leggings, and their loungewear is no exception. Both the Beyond Yoga fleece sweatshirt and midi jogger feel just as comfy. The joggers are more slim-fit than some of the others on this list, but just the right amount of spandex keeps them from feeling constricting. And the fleecy fabric is warm but still lightweight.