Being stressed can affect your health. Learn about stress management to reduce stress.

8 Weird Symptoms You Didn’t Know Were Linked to Stress

Need help coming to terms with stress or figuring out how to handle it? Here are some weird stress symptoms you need to know about first.

23 Tips for a Truly Restorative, Stress-Free Weekend

Reclaim your weekend with these effortless tips that will keep you fit and happy on your days off.

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10 Herbs That Can Help Ease Stress

Stress presses in from all sides, but you can help manage it by exploring the world of natural herbal remedies.

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How 14 Wellness Experts Cope With Coronavirus-Related Stress and Anxiety

Check the news only twice a day, call your family, and... make your bed? Here are all the ways experts...

The 7 Different Types of Stress—and How to Ease Them

Mental health experts reveal how to cope with different types of stress, from ambient anxiety to money troubles

13 Signs You Could Have Secondhand Stress

Stress is contagious, and being around certain people can set off your stress response, even when your own life is...

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29 Simple Habits that Relieve Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Are the holidays the season of excitement or a time for anxiety and frustration? Here are expert tips to get...

How Friends Relieve Stress and Help Us Cope

Friends are great, but most of us don't realize exactly how great: Here's how close relationships relieve stress and keep...

This Is Your Brain on Stress

Losing your cool when the unexpected happens can have 
dire results. But you can train 
your mind to handle chaos.

8 Silent Signs Stress Is Making You Sick

Americans are more stressed than ever, according to an American Psychological Association survey, and nearly one-third say stress impacts their...

12 Stress-Relief Toys and Products That Actually Work

Some days, life can make even the calmest person feel anxious. Find your zen with one of these calming stress-relief...

11 Best Foods to Help Reduce Stress

Stress is sometimes unavoidable, but research suggests that certain nutrients, such as complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium,...

12 Telltale Signs You’re Stressed More Than You Realize

Your brain can get so used to being stressed out that it seems normal. But these clues from the new...

Bad Stress vs. Good Stress: How to Know the Difference

Everyone focuses on the negative side of stress, but some stress is actually good for you. Here's how to...

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8 Things That Get Way Harder When You’re Stressed

When everyday stress turns chronic, you could find some things in life getting harder, like your ability to focus...

7 Underlying Stresses You Didn’t Know You Had

What is stress? For starters, it can be hiding in places you never realized. Here, we call out those sneaky...

8 Mini Meditations to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

When stressful thoughts or feelings strike, these tricks from the book The End of Stress can...

4 Things That Happen to Your Brain When You’re Stressed

Your brain takes a beating when anxiety gets out of hand. Here’s how stress affects your brain—and how to...

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12 Stress “Facts” Psychologists Need You to Stop Believing

People have a lot of mistaken assumptions about stress—from how common it is to how dangerous it can be. Let's...

Here’s Why You Scratch Yourself When You’re Stressed

It's totally normal — and it could save you from violence.

Commuting to Work Like This Can Help You Beat Stress All Day Long—Here’s Why

Want a better day at work tomorrow? The key could be in how you choose to commute—and it's not in...

Why Body Pain and Weight Gain Can Actually Be Signs of Stress

Doctors and wellness experts explain why stress can affect the body, where it tends to show up in terms of...

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This Is the Secret to Stop Your Nighttime Stress-Eating Habit, According to Science

If you're stressed out during the day, you might be overeating at night. But there's an easy fix, according to...

8 Ways Patience Improves Your Health—and Tricks to Keeping It

Impatience can lead to increased stress, anger, and more. Use these tips form experts who say practicing patience will give...

Are Prebiotics the Stress Reliever You Never Heard Of?

Before you spend another night tossing and turning from stress, a new study shows that the secret to peaceful Z's...

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Here’s Why You NEED to Drink Water When You’re Stressed

Is stress relief as simple as pouring yourself a glass of water?

Feeling Stressed? This One Simple Habit Will Protect Your Health

Wish you could insulate yourself from the toxic effects of stress? You can, per a new study. Here's how.

I Started Using Lavender for Stress Relief and Here’s What Happened

Whether you're a Type A like me or you just need some help chillaxing, lavender may be the drug-free solution...