45 Proven Remedies for Fast Pain Relief

Updated: Apr. 28, 2021

Whether you stubbed your toe, are in the midst of a migraine, or are suffering from chronic pain, here's how to diminish the discomfort.

How to relieve pain

Managing pain is challenging no matter what aches and pains bother you. Here are the pain relief remedies experts recommend for everything from joint pain to lower back pain and everything in between.

Background with Ice cubes

Ice cup

Ice is best used for acute pain relief rather than general muscle soreness, says A. Lynn Millar, PT, PhD, FACSM, chair of the department of physical therapy at Winston-Salem State University. Her research has shown that ice doesn’t significantly alter muscle damage or inflammation. “Think of ice as a pain reliever or something that can reduce visible swelling, but it may not help the muscle heal,” she says. Still, you can massage the tender area by freezing water in small paper cups and then peeling back the paper to expose the ice; limit the massage to 15 minutes a session.

Red hot chili peppers on old wooden table
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Chili pepper

Capsaicin, the compound in chili peppers that gives them their heat, is also found in over-the-counter ointments for pain relief. Rub it on aching joints to diminish discomfort. One caveat: It can burn a bit at first, says Don R. Martin, MD, a rheumatologist with Sentara RMH Rheumatology. Check out these home remedies for arthritis pain.

background of frozen and frosty yellow corn kernels

Bag of frozen corn

Hurt your hand? Once again, treat it with cold. A bag of frozen peas or corn is perfect for joints and hands because you can mold the frozen veggies around the area, she says. Then, read on for these tips on when it’s best to use ice vs. heat for pain relief.

A boy is cycling in the park


So, you went too hard playing tennis yesterday. There’s no reason to sit on the sidelines today. A light aerobic activity like cycling will improve nourishing blood flow to your achy muscles; plus activity “stimulates hormonal responses in the brain that reduce the sensation of pain,” says Millar. (Check out these pain quotes that will also help you feel stronger.)

Bundle of fresh herbs. Basil, rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, oregano, marjoram, savory, lavender. Kitchen herbs


You may know that lavender can help you relax and fall asleep. But one study on pregnant women in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that applying lavender topically reduced bruising and eased pain. It contains linalool and linalyl aldehyde; both act as pain relief and as an antiseptic. You can often find lavender formulated into a salve—just rub it on where needed.

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Take in some art

Could Monet make you feel better? In interesting research from the University of California, Davis, researchers took 54 people battling chronic pain on a one-hour art museum tour. The researchers found that nearly two-thirds reported their pain levels dropped by half, in the 2019 study published in Pain Medicine. The patients also felt more connected socially.

Young attractive woman on yoga mat doing child's pose
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Child’s pose

“Yoga moves your body in a gentle manner to improve flexibility and strength,” says Millar. While the mind-body practice offers stress relief via relaxation, it can also be nearly as effective as physical therapy at providing low-back pain relief. Here are some great yoga poses for lower back pain relief to get you started.

Legs and arms of unrecognisable woman sitting on her bed.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Restless leg syndrome is one cause of insomnia. Rather than live with the aching, throbbing, or twitching sensations, try a before-bed technique called progressive muscle relaxation. To do it, breathe deeply and then tense the muscles in your feet, relax. Move to your calves and do the same. Work your way up through your body. By the time you’re finished, your mind will be as relaxed as your body.

White pills on the white background.
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You’re best off taking this anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce pain from minor muscular or tendon strains or pulls, like after an ankle sprain, says Timothy Miller, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. (Don’t pop ibuprofen for a bone injury, though, as it can slow healing, he says.) Find out the difference between ibuprofen and aspirin.

Orange pills in a glass containter, close-up.


You’re so used to grabbing ibuprofen to treat a twinge, but acetaminophen is an option, too. “The downside of ibuprofen is that regular use can lead to GI bleeding. This is one of the more common reasons older adults are hospitalized,” says Millar. Acetaminophen won’t reduce inflammation, but it doesn’t come with the extra side effect. Consider it another option in your pain relief arsenal.

woman massaging her tired feet
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If you’re dealing with pesky inside-of-the-knee pain, let your hands work it out. Physical therapist Karena Wu, PT, DPT, owner of ActiveCare Physical Therapy in New York City and Mumbai, suggests massaging the inner thigh and inside of the back of the thigh, as the muscles here connect to the inside of the knee. You can also grab a lacrosse ball to get the job done. Here are some other ways to relieve inside-of-the-knee pain.

Men hold a brown wallet from a jeans pocket.

Take pressure off

No kidding, but stuffing a big wallet into your back pants pocket can be contributing to back pain. Indeed, it may push on the sciatic nerve, sending a shooting jolt through the back of the leg, says orthopedic sports medicine surgeon John-Paul Rue, MD. The easy fix? Take out the wallet and—voila—pain relief. Who knew? Here are the types of leg pain to take seriously.

Woman taking a shower washing hair at home under warm water falling from luxury ceiling rain showerhead in clean white bathroom. Asian girl relaxing.

Hot water

A heating pad is nice, but hot water might feel even better. “Heat loosens up stiff or tight muscles,” says Dr. Miller. Use heat before stretching or exercising the muscle. And if you’re short on time, you can let a hot shower do the work for you. If you have time, soak in a hot tub.

Rolled up white spa towels

Hot towel

Another option for heat therapy—a nice, hot towel. Dr. Miller recommends throwing a damp towel in the dryer for 20 minutes and applying it to the aching area. It’s a great way to address tightness that you may feel more acutely in the morning, he says.

Close-up Of Person's Hand Holding Ice Gel Pack On Ankle

Ice—for bites and stings

Picnics and BBQs are fun until someone gets stung by a bee. It may hurt, but if you act fast, you can decrease the pain and get back to the party. Remove the stinger ASAP, wash the area with soap and water, and then apply an ice pack for 20 minutes. The cold will take away pain and lessen swelling. Find out the best way to treat every type of bug bite and sting.

TENS electrodes position for leg pain treatment in physical therapy
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These wearable devices are good for pain relief, as they use electricity to target affected muscles. (TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.) “They address nerve-related pain and stimulate muscles that are being inhibited by pain,” says Dr. Miller. They can be used with chronic pain or to help recover after surgery.

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Neurostimulation device

A specific TENS unit, FDA-cleared Quell, uses electrical stimulation that targets nerves in your upper calf. “The result is that it activates the brains’ ability to downregulate pain,” says Shai Gozani, MD, PhD, president and CEO at NeuroMetrix, Inc, which makes Quell. Most people wear it for at least a half-day, but the good news is that wearing a small device in this location is not only discreet—but it won’t get in the way of what you’re doing. Some people notice benefits within hours, for others it may take 30 days.

Background of comfortable mattress

New mattress

Finding a new mattress might be a hassle, but your body will thank you. Not only do mattresses wear over the years, but the one you have now may be too soft to properly support you. As you age, pick a firmer mattress to keep pesky pains at bay. Here are the other things that could happen if you sleep on an old mattress.

Young african woman sleeping in her bed at night, she is resting with eyes closed


It’s an unfortunate reality that pain decreases your ability to sleep—yet sleep is necessary to reduce pain. “The theory is that impaired sleep prompts your brain to perceive a much stronger pain signal compared to getting a sufficient amount of sleep,” says Dr. Gozani. Adults should aim for at least seven hours per night. Here’s how to manage chronic pain without medication.

Portrait of a longing pensive teenager sitting on the beach looking away at the horizon in the morning
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Your mental outlook greatly impacts your level of discomfort. “The brain centers that regulate pain and mood overlap. The same neurotransmitters that modulate pain also affect behavioral responses,” says Dr. Gozani. Having a bright outlook when you’re in pain is tough, but even small improvements in your mood can have a profound effect on your physical comfort. Here are 10 things optimistic people do every day.

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A healthy attitude

Those who catastrophize pain often find that no treatment offers relief, says Dr. Gozani: “You have to take control.” Simply feeling like you can win the battle against chronic pain will help turn down the dial on your discomfort, he says. Tell yourself that you may have pain, but you can still do the things you love, like spend time with friends and family.

Scattered wooden puzzle pieces
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Easy games

When you’re dealing with aches and pains, it’s often all you can focus on. Rather than trying to wish away the pain, dive into something distracting, like a puzzle or funny TV show. Research has found that getting your mind off the discomfort could help you feel better, per Psychological Science. Find out the times your joint pain is actually alot more serious.

Green gel capsules of pain killer on white background.
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Calcium + vitamin D

Popping this supplement combo won’t turn down pain, but it is necessary for both proper bone health and muscle function, says Dr. Miller. Staying well-supplied with these nutrients will help decrease your risk of injury and prevent small problems from becoming big ones. These are the vitamins and supplements doctors take daily.

Close up of a young man's fiberglass / Plaster leg cast and toes after a running injury

Painkiller combo

A combo of ibuprofen and acetaminophen was found to be as effective at quelling short-term pain for leg and arm injuries as prescription opioids, according to research in JAMA. Opioid addiction is a serious issue—ask your doctor if you can begin with non-opioid treatment. These are the 10 signs that you’re in danger of a pain pill addiction.

Ice pack

Ice wrap

Once a migraine headache hits, there are few things that can pull you back from the brink of extreme pain. Behold the power of cooling: Research in the Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public Health has found that placing a frozen wrap on the front of the neck over the carotid arteries can ward off a headache. If you’re a regular sufferer, keep a wrap in your freezer so it’s ready when you need it.

Emotional youngster yells loudly, opens mouth broadly, feels desperate after finding out about tragic events, poses against white studio wall. Caucasian bearded guy scremas in terror of something
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Yes, you heard that right. Don’t be afraid to unleash a string of your nastiest words. A study in NeuroReport found that swearing could up your pain tolerance. The research shows that repeating a swear word helped people keep their hands in freezing water longer than those saying a non-curse word. So, don’t fear expressing how you really feel when you stub your toe.

New orthopedic shoe insoles

Shoe orthotics

If you’re limping and wincing because of a calf or Achilles tendon problem, a shoe insert that provides arch support or a heel lift will help relieve strain, says Miller. Proper biomechanics “can help from your foot and ankle all the way up the kinetic chain to your lower back,” he says.

Female hands tying shoelace on running shoes before practice. Woman athlete preparing for jogging outdoors. Runner getting ready for training. Sport active lifestyle concept. Close-up

Gait analysis

Many running shoe stores offer gait analysis, something Miller recommends if you are recovering from an injury or have a history of injuries from running. The experts there can deduce whether your issue is a structural problem in your feet or legs or something abnormal with your stride. Orthotics or instruction on proper gait can pay off with pain relief. Make sure you’re not doing these things that just make pain worse.

Full length side view portrait of smiling young black woman walking outdoors with mobile phone


Lace up your sneakers and head out the door for a good walking session. A 2017 Cochrane review concluded that cardio can lessen pain in people with fibromyalgia. Why? Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine, chemicals that make your mind and body feel good. Learn about more natural ways to fight fibromyalgia.

Toothbrush with toothpaste on white background
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Sensitivity toothpaste

If tooth pain is your problem, the quickest way to manage sensitivity is with your toothpaste, says American Dental Association spokesperson Kim Harms, DDS. Brands such as Sensodyne and Colgate both have toothpaste that contains fluoride to strengthen enamel and ingredients that desensitize teeth to extreme temperatures.

Weight training African doing bodybuilding in gym
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Strength training

Combined with aerobic exercise, strength training helps reduce pain and improves function in people with arthritis, says Millar. “We see inflammatory markers decrease as someone does more physical activity,” she says. Strength training, in particular, will improve muscle strength to absorb the forces impacting your joints.

Marijuana Leaf with Marijuana young Plants in dark Background

Legal cannabis

If you live in a state with legalized medical marijuana, talk to your doc if you can use it for your pain management protocol. Cannabis is particularly effective for controlling pain in inflammatory conditions, according to Harvard emergency physician Jordan Tishler, MD, founder of InhaleMD. You just may find that cannabis helps relieve stiff joints, and ultimately help you live your life to the fullest. Here’s everything you need to know about using CBD oil for pain.

Therapist treating injured knee of athlete male patient in clinic - sport physical therapy concept,panoramic banner
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Pain education is critical for patients, says Millar. “Pain is part of the normal healing process,” she says. Speaking with a pain specialist may be helpful in understanding why your pain may be an important part of your recovery; the knowledge may help you endure the discomfort and help you be more open to what you can do to break the cycle.

Omega 3 capsules in shape of fish on wooden background
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Fish oil

If you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, your doctor may suggest taking a daily fish oil supplement. Fish oil is a major source of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. “All forms of arthritis have an inflammatory component to them,” says Millar; these healthy fats can help calm that inflammation. Omega 3s are also found in abundance in fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. These are the pain symptoms to never ignore.

Close up of man hands doing Tai Chi or Tai ji , Traditional Chinese martial arts.

Tai chi

The mind-body modality is a proven pain reliever. One review of 18 randomized controlled trials found that tai chi was able to immediately treat discomfort in those suffering from low back pain and osteoporosis, suggests research published in Scientific Reports. It also happens to be one of the 8 proven ways to prevent stress and heart disease.

Side view portrait of beautiful young woman wearing white tank top working out against grey wall, doing yoga or pilates exercise. Standing in Warrior one pose, Virabhadrasana. Full length

Daily stretching

If you have low-back pain but don’t want to practice yoga, try basic stretching instead. Research shows that a weekly intensive stretching class in addition to 20 minutes of daily stretching at home reduced pain almost as well as yoga did after six weeks—and the patients were able to take less medication, according to research in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Check out more lower back pain relief treatments that really work.

Therapist Giving acupuncture Treatment To a Japanese Woman
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For many years, people questioned if acupuncture’s benefits were solely due to the placebo effect. However, a meta-analysis in 2018 in The Journal of Pain concluded that the ancient therapy makes a significant impact on pain in chronic sufferers.

Young sporty woman practicing yoga, lying with eyes closed in Dead Body or Corpse pose, Savasana exercise, working out wearing sportswear top, resting after yoga, indoor close up photo, studio


One of the reasons why yoga and tai chi may be so useful for pain relief is because they focus on breathing. “Breathing alone helps reduce the sensation of pain,” says Millar. Here’s how to use breathing techniques to control chronic pain.

Nude woman with a back pain
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Placing pressure on various points on the body may help relieve tension—and research suggests it can be particularly effective for women dealing with painful periods. A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology on more than 200 women found that using an acupressure app lessened cramps compared to those receiving usual care—and the benefits only got better as the months went on.

Close up shot of Runner man feet running on road.

Regular movement

With back pain, it’s always tempting to hit the couch or bed and lay there until you feel better. Some rest is important, but so is movement, says Millar: “You lose muscle mobility, strength, and health if you don’t utilize your muscles,” she warns. Start with a ten-minute walk twice a day to help loosen up your back and alleviate aches. Here are some other home remedies for back pain you should know.

Serious young businesswoman working in office

Shoulder shrugs

Staring at your computer screen all day is bound to cause neck pain. Doing a series of five simple strength-based moves, including shoulder shrugs, upright row, one-arm row, reverse fly, and shoulder abduction, can help cut neck pain by 50 percent. Check out these posture correctors you can wear while you work, too.

Bottles with essential oils and fresh herbs on light background
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Rosemary and thyme essential oil

When you’re dealing with head pain, all you want to do is lay down in a dark room and be left alone. You might also try rubbing drops of thyme and rosemary essential oil on your temples and forehead; the fragrant blend has been shown to work in a similar way as over-the-counter pain relievers.

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Mindfulness meditation

Once again, your brain is a powerful thing. Take a few minutes every day to practice mindfulness—where you focus on your breath while observing (without judgment) bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Mindfulness has been shown to be effective in lowering pain intensity while undergoing a painful heat compared to a control group, suggests research published in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Alarm clock set to 7am ringing on an empty bed
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Set alarms

You type at the computer all day, so it’s no wonder you’re wringing your hands in pain. Set an alarm on your computer or phone to remind you to take a break every hour. During that time, rest your hands with palms up on a wrist rest. Then, check out these home remedies for carpal tunnel.

Raspberry smoothie in glass on wooden table.Top view

A smoothie

Sip your favorite smoothie—and don’t forget to add a good source of dairy-like milk or yogurt. The amino acid tryptophan can help lower pain sensitivity in as quickly as one hour. If that doesn’t work, add a turkey sandwich for lunch; turkey is another good source of tryptophan. Here are the foods that help fight inflammation.