Respiratory Conditions

Your respiratory system is essential for survival. Learn about respiratory diseases and lung disease symptoms.

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Can Fish Oil Treat Asthma? Signs Point to Yes

If you have asthma, you may want to start popping fish oil supplements. Here's why.

Why You Should Never, Ever Spray Bug Spray in the House

Forget that it stinks and you can literally taste it: Spray it indoors and you'll be living with the chemicals...

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12 Silent Signs Your Lungs Could Be in Trouble

Wheezing, persistent coughing, shortness of breath while going up the stairs—these are some of the symptoms of lung disease to...

The Exact Speed to Walk or Bike to Breathe in Less Air Pollution

Sure, it feels great to ride like the wind—but according to new science, slowing down a bit could protect your...

5 of the Best Foods to Prevent Asthma Symptoms (And 3 That Make It Worse)

Your diet can play a big role in the severity of your asthma symptoms. Here's how to eat to...

10 Essential Steps to Prevent Your Next Asthma Attack

Even people with well-controlled asthma can experience flare-ups. Here’s an asthma action plan to prevent your next attack.

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