These Hilarious Sunburns Will Make You Laugh and Cringe at the Same Time

Updated: Jun. 19, 2017

Ouch! You'll definitely be loading on the sunscreen after looking through these.

Pain in the neck

There’s a reason we have sunscreen. It works to protect you from the sun! When you get burnt it can be extremely painful, but the pattern of the burn can also be hilarious. These people stayed out in the sun a little too long and clearly neglected to put on any sunscreen. To not end up like these folks, try these methods to prevent getting a sunburn in the first place.

Play station controller burn

Make sure that you never ever do these things after getting a burn.

Burnt but happy

Be aware, you can still get sunburn even if you wear sunscreen. These are factors that put you at risk for getting burnt even if you lathered up.

I forgot about my chest

Try out these unusual sunburn remedies you won’t believe actually work.

X from the sun

Want to know the best way to prevent getting burnt? Try out these sunscreens that dermatologists use on themselves.

Did you even try?

You don’t want to end up like this guy. Here is what the confusing labels on your sunscreen bottle actually mean.

Healing slowly but surely

Make sure to avoid these sunscreen mistakes you may not even know you’re making.

I don’t even know how this happened

These 10 myths about sunscreen make dermatologists cringe.

Necklace burn

Memorize these sunscreen dos and don’ts for summer before it’s too late.

Ouch. You forgot to apply on your legs

This is why adults should never use the same type of sunscreen as a child.