If You Skip Your Yearly Vacation, Your Health Could Be at Risk

Updated: Sep. 06, 2018

Vacation isn't just good for your peace of mind.

VacationDitty about summer/Shutterstock

Unless you’re a teacher, your vacation schedule is pretty transient. Sure, you have the designated two-or-so weeks paid vacation every year, but it’s not like you designate the same set of dates every year to take a trip to Kokomo. Everything is in flux and the next thing you know you get notified by HR that your vacation days have expired for the year.

Missing out on your yearly vacation certainly is a bummer, but the downsides don’t stop with your workman’s blues. A study published in Psychosomatic Medicine shows a strong link between eschewing a yearly vacation and jeopardizing your health.

The study, which took place over a nine-year span, looked into the vacation frequency and health data of 12,338 participants who were at risk for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). At study’s end, it was found that as a participant’s vacation frequency went up, their all-cause mortality and CHD-linked mortality risk noticeably dipped. In turn, as a participant’s vacation frequency went down, their all-cause and CHD-linked mortality risk increased. Looking for more ways to protect your heart? Be sure to find out what heart doctors do to protect their own hearts

So next time you’re thinking of burning that midnight oil for 52 weeks straight without a designated time to relax, keep this in mind. For your health. Now, just remember to avoid these mistakes that’ll just make your well-earned vacation stressful.

[Source: Lifehacker]